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    I’m assembling a book about the recent history of the otherkin and therianthrope communities. You can read the latest finished draft of the Otherkin Timeline as a free e-book on my personal web-site. So far, I’ve discovered a lot about the early community of people who called themselves elves, extending back to the Seventies, evidenced by their contemporary publications, including primary sources that I have seen in person.

    I’ve had far less success in researching the therianthrope community, which I have traced back only as far as its emergence on the newsgroup alt.horror.werewolves (AHWW) during the Nineties, but that's common knowledge which shouldn’t surprise anyone here. I haven't talked to the right people or asked the right questions to discover much about how the therian community began.

    I need to start interviewing people who were involved in the therianthrope community during the Nineties, so that I can learn more about how therianthrope philosophy began. Ideally, I hope to find out about any communities of therians that existed separately from AHWW, or even predated it. After all, people identified as animals before they met others who did too, so I assume that therians could have assembled in groups before they assembled on AHWW.

    If you were involved in the therian community during the Nineties, or if you can arrange for me to get in contact with other people who were involved in the therian community during the Nineties, then please tell me here, or e-mail me. I’ll just be interviewing interested people via e-mail. (I'll also be researching anything that I hear from the interviewees, so I won't be printing unsupported claims or rumors.) In addition, I’d appreciate it if you spread the word to other forums and meeting-places of therians, so that this message reaches more people than otherwise, and I'll have better chances of being able to assemble a complete and accurate history of the therianthrope community.

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    I'll do what I can to assist. Let me know.

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    I barely made it. I entered the community in 1999. I have collected some materials from earlier, though, if you need those.

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