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Thread: "Heart Dog"

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    My cat is my baby and everyone knows it! While still obviously a cat with the occasional feline tendencies (independence, etc.), she often acts like a dog by following me or my husband around the house, crying when she doesn't know where we are or getting upset when she knows we're going on vacation. The bond she shares with my husband and I is unlike any I've ever seen from a cat. She really is our furry child. And in many instances, I think of her like a human mother does her human child: I constantly worry about her safety when I'm not there, and want to protect her, etc.

    I honestly don't know if this special bond is because of the individual cat, or because she's the first animal who's been almost 100% my responsibility or something else, but she's definitely family.

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    I had a dog, and his name was Rommel. First time in my life as a cat person that I loved an animal so much in my entire life. I was heartbroken when my parents gave him away. ;-; Im sure he was my heart dog.

    I also have two cats I raised. They are my babies, and I love them so much
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    There are some dogs I automatically connect with, usually because of their personality. And only twice have I almost seriously hated a dog, and both were poodles and super annoying. XD

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