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Thread: Keep rank and hierarchy out of your signatures and titles

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    Default Keep rank and hierarchy out of your signatures and titles

    Here at the Werelist we want all to be able to participate with an equal footing. We ask that everyone leave their badges, banners and heraldry at the door. Titles like "alpha", "leader", "eagle scout", "PhD", "General", while they are worthy of pride outside our door are meaningless in here.

    Please keep such terms and ideas out of your usernames, titles, personal profile, and signatures. I.e. please do not wear your badges around the site.

    You will be notified if there is a problem with your signature or title via PM and asked to change it.

    After all rank is "rank" and no one wants to smell it but you. Werelist is neutral territory where everyone is presumed to be equal. Rank and hierarchy is not something we do here if we can possibly avoid it.

    See this thread to clarify the way we handle rank on a practical management basis as it relates to our site staff: The short form is that the site's staff are community servants, not alphas, gurus, elders, Lords, Ladies, Masters, Mistresses or God-Emperors. But we serve all of you equally, which is why there cannot be ranks or hierarchy here on Werelist.

    Thank you for working with all of us.
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