One thing we are not trying to do with a volunteer site dev team is to dilute or duplicate other people's existing efforts. So if there is already a site in existence that is targeted to a specific community and that site is stable, the plan is to drive traffic there and/or offer that existing site support and resources, not build a new one just for the sake of building it.

The idea right now is to put a loose dev team together, start brainstorming and gathering useful resources like links to the easiest to operate free or cheap sites, tutorial FAQ pages and contact information for folks who may be willing to help in various ways on projects they personally feel are worthwhile. This forum is open for the discussion of those efforts, volunteering resources, suggesting links and ideas, etc.

The criteria for where the team's efforts get directed are likely to be these:

1. We need to clearly identify a segment of the community who feel their needs are not being fully met by any currently existing sites.

2. We shouldn't duplicate efforts or dilute the audience. Some effort needs to be made to search for already existing sites first, and if we find one, we drive traffic there and offer support there if needed to help their site grow.

3. After we identify a clear unmet need in the community, but before we consider building a site for it, we need the commitment of a leadership team that can take responsibility for content creation and maintenance on that site. Ideally we're looking for more than one person with a solid track record of years of serious participation and service in the community who has the time and energy to commit to creating and maintaining their specific vision and that site's unique culture.

4. We need to have people volunteering for the dev team who agree that this particular site's vision meets these important criteria, and that it is worth putting their time and energy into building. Very likely, no one is going to be willing to work on a site they don't personally agree there is an actual need for.

5. There is nothing stopping anyone on the dev team from working on projects they personally feel are wonderful and worthwhile and then continuing to be involved in that community. However, it is crucial that these new sites NOT become an effective clone of Werelist or of any other site. I will personally be keeping to a very strict 'hands off of the content' policy on all other sites. I will help and support the building, but the rules, the content and how it is run will be absolutely none of my business. No, we don't at all mind sharing staff with other sites if individuals feel called to serve in more than one place. We also don't want Werelist's culture to be an undue influence, since the point is diversity and difference, not sameness.

That doesn't mean doing the exact opposite of us on purpose, just for the sake of doing the opposite - that is also undue influence. Go right ahead and shamelessly steal from us what actually works for you, and ignore or tweak what doesn't work for you. It's all good.

6. To avoid saturating the 'market', I'm going to suggest that the dev team focus on one site at a time and work on driving traffic and supporting things there for awhile before moving on to the next suggestion. But that doesn't mean we can't discuss what the next suggestion ought to be, if anyone believes that they are in touch with a substantial segment of the community who feels their needs are not ideally met by any currently existing site culture.