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Thread: Animal superhero's

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    Bolt, Krypto the superdog, Underdog, and the characters I made up for my books! But their whole planet is basically made of superheroes... But DogGirl was my imaginary self when I was little, lol XD I even made a cape and a book once, no idea what happened to them.

    And Scooby Doo if he's considered a super hero

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    Swat Kats and Thundercats. Question. Does anyone have there own personally created superhero's. Me, I don't have the time to think up my own personal superhero but I do daydream about being The shadow. He is the only Human superhero that I like and am a big fan of. All the other human superhero's, Like Thor, or Batman or Spiderman. I am kind of a fan of them but I am not a hardcore fan of other human superhero's.
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