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Thread: Polls - Examining A Documentary For The Therian & Otherkin Communities

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    You can only do it once from what I gather. I know if I click the link any browser, it just comes up with the results.

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    oh ok thanks arawn. I put on the vote, vote 1. neither satisfied or satisfied- vote 2. not at all accurate- vote 3.1B I do not believe therian and otherkin should appear in documentary or TV show.2A we should educate the public.3B I do not believe furrys should be included in the documentary. 4A. I believe therians and otherkin should make there own documentary.

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    I voted that furries should be mentioned in the documentary. Noticed that at the time, no one else had voted yes on that. I just thought it would be good to mention furries as something separate from therians and illustrate the similarities and differences. That way newcomers wouldn't see the video, then find a group of furries on the internet and think they're the same thing.

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    I think that may have been a strong reaction to the therian-furry crossover in the documentary with only a brief explanation rather than not actually wanting the difference to be highlighted. Just seeing a therian documentary where almost everyone wears tails and contains numerous clips of fursuiters means that I personally voted no on that question, because I wouldn't want the concept of furries to be a large part in a documentary on otherkin or therians. I can imagine that if a documentary was done well enough it could get away with not mentioning furries and there being no confusion, because it feels to me like there shouldn't have to be a differentation. Some therians are furries, the way some therians like comic books and some are scientists and some like manga or anime. But it feels to me like the furry correlation is overused.

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    I signed it.

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    Thank you to all the Therians and Otherkin who have responded to this poll thus far. We'd also like to thank those who have signed up for the Global Directory. We will leave this documentary poll active and the results visible on a permanent basis via VCN so that your communities may reference it in the future. Take care!

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