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Thread: Daily Dose Of Positivity

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    Aw man, I haven't seen a goldfinch in ages. I love them very much.

    Gah, I'm down to only three local corvids I haven't seen this year. (Maybe two? I can't remember if I have seen a blue jay.) The blue jay should be acheivable. Canada jay and Chihuahuan raven are... less likely.

    I got word that my last jay nest fledged successfully!! Very happy to hear that. I miss them.

    I'm also back from my second work stint in the sage-steppe. DONE with it now, thank goodness. The rest of the season should be far less frustrating. It was a good and very busy week. Hiked about 32+ miles in 3 days, always waking up before dawn to do so and then getting hit with brutal wind in the afternoons. Fingers crossed our efforts pay off.

    But being home has been great. I feel way more relaxed. This might be the happiest I've been since the pandemic hit. I also discovered my hammock fits PERFECTLY on my balcony if I tie it to the corners of the metal rail, and reading and having a grapefruit hard cider out there was heaven.

    Today I'm baking something special. Sunday, too, actually.

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    We have goldfinches everywhere. Teeny-tiny flits of yellow in the marsh.

    I hadn't considered that a hammock might fit on a balcony. I've mentally filed away that information for possible future use.

    I'm generally happy when other people are happy.

    I hope this isn't oversharing: my level of pain from my chronic pain condition has been nearly zero all year. I don't know why, but I'm sure as hell going to get outside and get into better shape now that my body is allowing me to. Keto again. And I want to take up a martial art. But I'm female-presenting and so many martial arts schools are boyzones. I don't want to compete against endomorphic cis men with bodies like bears. I'm naturally an ectomorph, but unlike the portrait of a typical ectomorph, I do gain weight when pain limits my exercise tolerance.

    Hurray for being active and pain-free! I hope I didn't jinx myself by posting this.

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    It's now really summery here which, even though I don't like the heat, means there's loads of refreshing smells from flowers and other plants. It's especially nice at nighttime when they're carried on a cool, light breeze.

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