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Thread: Daily Dose Of Positivity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerguelen View Post
    Cormorant feets! LOL I love it
    Cormorant feets are the best birb feets!

    Cormorants have eyes like gems. Does blue feel like the right color for you? I'm also seeing green, amber, and brown in cormorant and anhinga photos. PM me any reference photos that feel real enough to you? Pretty please! Would you prefer feathers that are all black, or black with a white chest, or something else ridiculously pretty like this guy?

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    Here's some cormorants that I think fit the...bill, lol pretty well:

    Thank you so much for doing this for me

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    Some time ago I found one interesting piece of technology, maybe bird therians will appreciate this)

    Solar powered two seat electric sailplane that is actually practical. And it is also DIY) Very clever idea behind it. Basically, it has unlimited flight range, without dependence on fuel, but can fly only during the day and can't fly for a long time in high latitudes in cold season.

    Based on high-performance sailplane it has lift-to-drag ratio of 40. The physics of flight works in the way, that the higher the lift-to-drag ratio, the less energy you need to maintain levelled flight. And with this high quality it need only 3 kW of power to fly, why it's solar cells could generate up to 5.5 kW. It's not accounting thermal upstreams.

    It has some batteries enough for about 15 minutes of full throttle, and maximum power of electric motor is 20 kW, which is needed only during the takeoff, and initial gaining of altitude. And during levelled flight it can charge batteries. Empty mass is 280 kg, useful load is 200 kg.

    I find this kind of technologies beautiful and a bit inspiring. Hilariously expensive, though, as all carbon fibber planes. But there are some chance that this kind of things will become more affordable as technologies continue to develop. If human civilization will not collapse too fast...

    What is also interesting about this craft, it was built by this person with his wife, and now they fly over the Europe:

    Their channel for more videos:
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    That is so darn cool! What an elegant little craft.

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