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Thread: Potential Theriomythic Website

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    I know I'm not of a theriomythic type, but I like words and finding the right ones for the right applications and I think this website or forum is a great idea, so I thought I'd offer a thought:

    What about including the word "lore"? It is vague enough to cover various sorts of understandings of "non-earthly" creatures and their contexts, whether it's in the vein of mythology, folk tradition, religious tradition, storytelling, or more modern fiction.

    The dictionary definition includes "body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature," and "learning, knowledge, or erudition." Plus, the connotations are a bit more of mysticism, folk knowledge, and such - down to earth in a way that seems therianish but implying a pinch of something ...well... mythical?

    I don't know, perhaps I'm way off the mark here, but I thought it might be worth throwing it out there. Regardless, good luck, and I hope the endeavor comes to fruition!

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    'Loreians' sounds catchy and cutesy. Like the delorian. I could see it as being a shortened form for theriomythics.

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    Hmm, or maybe something like Between Two Worlds or Liminal Spaces, to show that it is about an experience that is not usually covered that is something "between" otherkin and therians?

    Just throwing ideas out in case they're useful. I like Loreians too!
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    I can get behind this idea, having floated between the therian and otherkin communities for years and never having felt completely at home in either of them myself.

    If the free forum websites you're looking at fall through, I would be willing to host the forum on my website We could purchase it it's own domain name and host it there, otherwise it would be or or something and that sounds kind of tacky to me, although I guess it doesn't really matter and I'm just nitpicking about that. Either way, I'm willing to help set it up, make graphics, organize the sections and layout, come on as a moderator/clean up crew, etc.

    Some potential names:
    Ascending Animality
    Savage Sojourn
    Savage Superstition
    Feral Fable / Feral Fables
    Feral Fantasy
    Legendary Bestiary
    Tameless Myths / Tameless Mythos
    Unreal Beastly
    Fabled Wilderness

    ETA: Actually I just looked at my website editor and I could set up a forum page that would just be

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    @ yourdeer - On the term side of things for myself it still would not apply to me sense my species does not appear anywhere. So ’lore,’ ’myth,’ etc does not apply to me. But I am just nitpicking on my part. I am only one guy and I just don’t have anything to show for my species. Maybe my whole beef is because of my agitation for having nothing to point to or label with my species.

    I need to stop being a negative.

    @ Swanblood - Interesting idea about something about 'between.'

    - Kardegray

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    How about TherioMythos?

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    @ Elinox:

    I can definitely see the confusion of that coming up. The site would be open to others, but the central core would be issues that animalistic Otherkin deal with.

    @ Kardegray:

    I can see the point about 'feral'. I'm a bit against the term, personally, but every time I see it I think of feral children and that particular subject is one that both intrigues me and saddens me. I understand why people want to use the term 'feral', but it still bugs me.

    @ Kitsy:

    Thank you for the offer. I'd like to stay away from the term "feral", though, for the reason I stated above. That and there are many sites out there with "feral" in the title.

    @ Swanblood:

    Oooo! Liminal Spaces sounds good. o.o I like that a lot. (It doesn't help that I love liminal deities.)

    Okay, so I can get everything down:

    Potential Names

    - Kinlist
    - Loreian
    - Liminal Spaces

    (Did you have a favorite out of your list, Kitsy, so I can add it to the above?)

    Potential Disclaimer

    A resource for animalistic otherkin, theriomythics, and non-Earth animal therians.

    (I loved how it was written so I wouldn't change it.)

    Potential Site Host

    - Forumotion
    - phBB

    (Elinox, that'd be great if you could contact Kahoku for us. :3)

    Does that sound right to, y'all?

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    Personally, I'd lean toward a name that makes it clear we're talking about animalistic 'kin. I'd also be willing to admin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphyna View Post
    Personally, I'd lean toward a name that makes it clear we're talking about animalistic 'kin. I'd also be willing to admin.
    That would definitely be nice, but I'm failing at thinking of something that would be good for that. =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arawn View Post
    I can't spare any money now (even $8, but I'm dead broke), but at some point that might become feasible. Thank you, though.
    I can give money. I can not be the named domain registrant.

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