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Thread: Age

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    Question Age

    Okay I tried to figure out some way to make this into a poll but I can't figure it out so I'm just making a regular post, directed toward anyone.

    A. How old (or approximately!) are you?
    B. How old do you feel?
    C. Do you feel as if your therian-self is any certain age?
    D. Does the perceived age of your animal-self relate at all to your human age?

    I know that age is really irrelevant, but I am just thinking this is interesting.

    A. I'm about 30.
    B. I feel no older than 20.
    C. I feel as if my leopard-self would be a young adult, around 4-5.
    D. I think my leopard-self perception could reflect the age I feel as my human-self.

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    A. I am 22
    B. I personally still feel around 20, for a variety of reasons.
    C. I feel like my therian "Self," if it was expressed physically, would be no more than 2 years old at most.
    D. They relate, but definitely aren't the same. My animal side is definitely younger than "I am," and "Draws down," my self perceived human age.
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    A. I am 23, soon 24.
    B. I guess I feel like my actual age. People tell me sometimes that I feel "ageless" or something, which doesn't surprise me. I've often felt both younger and older than I should be. At the same time!
    C. I guess that I should be 2-3 years old if I was a wolf? Young adult.
    D. I often feel that I've lived sooo long. Where did all that time go to? If I had been born a wolf I would have been long dead.

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    A. I'm 23
    B. I don't really feel any specific age. Sometimes I feel older, sometimes I feel younger. But I often try to act my real age
    C. I must say that the dog side is definitely a young dog, maybe about 1-1,5 years. The kestrel side is definitely a grown-up.
    D. Probably, since I fell both younger, my age and older

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    A. I'm 30
    B. I feel like a mid twenties person with a wiser head on my shoulders
    C. My wolf feels in her prime, just like me, no specific age
    D. I assume my wolf being in prime reflects me in general, as it is me. The age my animal seems to be when I see reflections always seems to be a reflection on how I perceive myself.
    I have a wolf mind in a human body.. yeah it freaks me out a bit too

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    A. Our body is physically 24 years old.

    B. The 'appearance/physical in-system' age of everyone (translated into human years) ranges from 7 years to some people in the 50s or so. The 'maturity/felt' ages of everyone ranges from early teens to 'lived a long time/many life times' kind of feeling.

    C. We are ourselves. Our ages in the system are as they are. We’re no sure why some of us are certain ages in the system while others are others as it has nothing to do with how long we’ve been in the system. Plus some of us have ’stopped aging’ and some of us only ‘age’ 1 year for ever several it seems anymore.

    D. No. Granted, a the median of our felt ages average around our 20s but some of us were already in our 20s and haven’t aged or haven’t aged much sense we were in our teens. Course to make it weird some of us feel older then their maturity age translated into human years.

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    A. 25
    B. 25
    C. Sort of I guess? Never really thought about it before... I definitely perceive experience being gained every time I fully m-shift, so I think that sort of counts towards my theriotype getting older. That "side" of me learns and adapts while fully shifted, without much conscious thought from my normal everyday train of thought.

    Also, I m-shifted very differently than when I was an innocent little kid in kindergarten and elementary school, with little to no experience or guidance. However, this may have something to do with my actual age as a human as well.
    D. Eh, probably. The older I get as a human, the more shifts I have - if, taking the above into account.
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    A. 22 (and a half I guess, haha).

    B. I actually almost typed "23" up there, and in fact have answered "23" when people have asked me out of the blue (Yourdeer and other friends/family have had to correct me before). When I was 21, I often (unintentionally) told people I was 22. I generally perceive myself as a year older than I actually am; I figure this is because the majority of my friends and all of the people I spend time around regularly are one to two years older than me. (Versus in high school, when I was the oldest but we were all roughly the same age.) Since I've always felt older than my grade-level, in school, I figure the shift into being the "baby" of my friend group just made me subconsciously "adjust" my age to match my feelings of being "older" (which could also be phrased as "feelings of authority," "feelings of deserving respect," etc, since those kinds of qualities are heavily associated with age, at least in the cultural context I grew up in).

    C. Thinking about it closely, I think fox-side matches my perceived age, not my physical age. Which makes sense, I think, since both the perceived age and the fox-ness are non-physical parts of my identity/how I understand myself.

    As a potentially interesting side note, though, I have a particular character that is derived from my fox-ness. While she's distinct in that she is a character and therefore not directly me, there are undeniable connections between the two of us and one could be forgiven for viewing her as a version of me. In any case, she's a timeless character, i.e. born during the formation of her home planet and dying only at the collapse of the universe. Perhaps that's some kind of subconscious, hyperbolic extension of the "older than I am" phenomenon? (If so, she's also nearly omniscient so there's a lot of ego going on there, hahaha.)

    D. I think I hit on this in C, but to clarify: absolutely. Fox and human don't strike me as separate things, for the most part; it feels more like a categorization than an actual distinction. Therefore, fox-age has a direct relationship with human-age. The only difference I notice is that my fox-age is following my perceived human-age, not the physical one. I suppose, to be official, that would make fox-side either a captive 3 or a wild 1.

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    A. 20
    B. Somewhere between 16 and 20
    C. I don't think about it much, but I would say a young adult, the equivilant of my age in whatever species' years. Sometimes my rare shifts have me acting and feeling much younger though, like a kitten.
    D. There isn't much difference. How I feel as an animal is how I feel as a human.

    EDIT: Lurking fox, I think you just explained why I feel younger than I am. I am the youngest of my siblings and almost always younger than the people I spend time with, sometimes by many years. Many of them adopt a "little sister" attitude towards me. It can be a little patronizing, but that explains why I percieve myself as very young. I don't think of myself as less than them, or any less intelligent or capable.

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    A. I'm 24 years old.
    B. I feel like I'm in my 50s or 60s. Sometimes I'll feel younger than I am, but I usually don't. I've never truly felt like someone young, though, probably because of life events. It's left me feeling older than I am and more worn out than I should be.
    C. Generally just an adult lion, probably one on the older side of things.
    D. Since I feel old it makes sense for me to perceive my theriotype to feel like that as well.

    So, I guess overall I just feel older than I am. As I said, sometimes I feel like I'm 15 and I'm quite capable of acting like a 15 year old or someone generally young, I just feel emotionally, mentally, and physically more tired than a 24 year old should. I had to grow up fast because of GBS and the physical toll of it has affected me on all levels.

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