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Thread: Wolf Children (Anime)

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    I smiled so much the thing I was chewing on fell out of my mouth.
    This looks so cute! I can't wait for a sub so I can watch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdogwolf View Post
    Any idea when the show will hit the u.s market. Plus do you guys think it will be anything like WOLF'S RAIN.
    According to Anime News Network, Funimation Entertainment has picked up the rights to license the film with an expected release date sometime in 2013. Funimation is really good about releasing anime movies/series in both english dub as well as the original Japanese language with English subtitles so I am super excited they picked this one up.


    As far as this movie being like Wolf's Rain? Probably not because the stories are so different. In The Wolf Children film, the siblings inherit the ability to shape shift while in Wolf's Rain the wolves don't actually shapeshift but rather they have an ability to cast an illusion to make other human's think they are human. The wolves in Wolf's Rain don't shape shift like the Wolf Children do. Also, The Wolf Children is a story about the family growing up together with the kids learning how to deal with and cope with their wolf heritage while Wolf's Rain is an "end of the world" journey/prophecy series.

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    Default Wolf siblings: rain and snow

    Thanks somnia, It sounds like a cool show.

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    Default Wolf Children Movie

    Thought you guys might be interested in this if you haven't heard about it already. It's worth watching the trailer linked below. Lots of nice animation and really interesting transformation scenes from human to animal.

    Wolf Children is a staggeringly beautiful animated feature film from director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars). This epic cinematic achievement follows Hana, a woman who falls in love with a Wolf Man and gives birth to two half human, half wolf children. After the tragic death of her beloved, Hana seeks refuge in rural town where she attempts to build a life for herself and her children.

    If you want the link to watch the full movie feel free to PM me.

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    Oh, I've heard of that, I've been dying to see it! (Huge anime fan here XD) But it won't let me watch the trailer DX

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    There's the old thread about it. I loved this movie.

    All of the onions.

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    If you like touchy feely stuff, this movie is for you, otherwise? Really try not to think about what's going on while watching it, you'll just give yourself a mental charlie-horse.

    Edit: Actually, I was like 'holy shit, lycanthropy from japan that doesn't involve gimp suits? I'm all curious', the little girl-thing was cute, she also claws some dude's face which was pretty rad, but man. You kids got the best of both worlds, you can be human, you can be a wolf, you can be a hybrid and apparently you got all your reason and stuff. But, they both galvanize to polar opposites which to me was a pretty weak move on both their parts. 'I must guardianate the woods from, uh, Jesus, I don't know, but there's some weird shit that only I can do for no reason so I have to go do it now, bye.' then there's 'holyshitholyshitholyshit being a wolf is GAY. I gotta conform!' Mom smiles the whole time, dad gets crushed in a dump truck because, well... It's not even clear how he died, I guess a coke can wrapper got around his neck or something? Forgot how to breath? Spooked by his own reflection? Also all the vomiting every second scene was weird, naw. I just don't get it.

    Oh yeah. "Hey, boss, we need a transformation sequence." "That's out of budget." "So, what do we do about that?" "Have a bed sheet obscure them a second." "And then they go from human to hybrid! Brilliant!" "And, to save even -more- money, just have a reaction shot where the person seeing the transformation doesn't do anything at all." "And bam! It's a wolf!" "Make sure to put three quarters of the budget into the scenes where they vomit, though, I want that in high def."

    God, I think I could gripe about this thing for a while, I guess from what I saw I expected a comedy sort of on par with Pom Poko where you got a bunch of strange, strange animals doing absurd things. But, instead I guess I got my hopes up for a movie about inappropriately loud laughter, vomit and some sexy wolf dude getting crushed in a dump truck while his woman watches, crying in the rain.

    Edit 2: Almost forgot, spoiler alert.
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    Oh, I remember the old thread about this movie...

    I didn't know until now, though, that it was from the same director as Summer Wars. Summer Wars is a really fun movie.


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    I've seen a lot of stills and GIFs from this floating around. They look really nice, and all in all have made me very interested in the movie.
    I'll PM you for that link, Fruit - definitely looks like this might be a good watch for our house.

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    Figured the select showings would be nowhere near my state / where I live. Guess I'll have to wait for a subbed / dubbed DVD release sometime hopefully soon. I've been waiting a long time for it.
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