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    The Therianthropy Research Group has had to change its web hosting sadly due to lack of funds. We hope the new site will continue to be a reference point for both other researchers and the community alike. Our old website will no longer be active as of 23rd November 2014 and our new web address is:

    We have also decided to downsize our number of contact emails to one as we were not getting enough traffic to warrant maintining more than one. We can now be reached on:

    We did post another advertisement on the discussion and debate research thread, but we are still looking for participants for our diary study regarding people who experience either/or both mental and phantom shifts. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr Helen Clegg at:

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    Thanks for keeping us up to date. The new site looks pretty nice.
    Sorry to say I wouldn't be a good candidate for the diary study, but I wish you all the best.

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    I've stickied the thread to help increase traffic to the new website.

    Generally, website promotions go to the Trading Post subforum, but if keeping it stickied to General Discussions (or Therianthropy Discussions?) would help increase traffic for research purposes I'd suggest promoting the website in a subforum that gets a lot of traffic (General Discussion or Therianthropy Discussion) compared to the less busy areas of the forums.

    To the Mods: If this thread needs to be moved to another area of Werelist, feel free to move it but wherever it goes, I'd suggest keeping the thread stickied.

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    Unfortunate that you had a lack of funds, but the new site does look nice. And interesting to hear that you've been getting interview requests!
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