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Thread: Have you had your "animal parts" removed?

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    Yeah, for me it had to do with it being a tight fit, so I got mine removed. No skin off my back, I wasn’t attached to em lol.

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    Having my wisdom teeth removed hurt like hell. Not the operation, of course, they give you anesthesia for that, but afterwards. I was given a vicodin prescription to deal with it, but only took it once. It didn't make the pain go away such much as just not matter.. really weird and unpleasant experience, which is why I only took one dose and stopped. I'm a little surprised that so many people get addicted to opioids.

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    I was only prescribed tramadol! I felt a little uncomfortable with the idea of taking it, so I just didn’t. It was alright. I just managed by going back and forth between acetaminophen and ibuprofen, which was recommended. My recovery was pretty smooth. The worst part was getting all the anesthetic injections before the procedure. I only ever applied ice one time the next morning or so and really didn’t swell to the point that anyone but me would see the difference.

    My friend had his out the next year, though, under twilight sedation. He ended up with a sinus perforation (unnerving medical description incoming): basically, when they pull your top wisdom teeth out, it’s possible for a hole to open up directly into your nasal sinuses from where the roots of the tooth were. My friend noted that when he used the mouthwash they’d given him, it was coming out of his nose.

    Thankfully, that’s a complication that generally heals itself up in a few days, as it did in this case, but I’m sure he had a more painful recovery than I did… he took all the oxy he was given.

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