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Thread: Therian Daily Thought III

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    Darn it looks like the swimming pool near my bf's town doesn't allow fins despite being 3.2m deep! So this next few weeks are going to be spent finless. TT^TT
    Oh well, atleast I have my landlubber arm extenders with me hahaaaa.

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    I was thinking today about a manned wolf therians. Anyone knows if there is a manned wolf therian here? I was thinking about having a therian side of animals near you or animals that lives at your country for instance. I am a fox therian but there is no foxes here in Brazil. In fact I am certainly sure about my therian side, especially because past memories, but we have manned wolves nearby (we have a city named after the portuguese name of manned wolf), so I started to think if my theriantropy could be of a manned wolf. Well, it was a very tiny thought that goes away quickly. Even I living far away from foxes, I am a fox for sure.
    Just a werefox walking around...

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    @ Dark Fox - That's actually a topic I've seen in the therian community from the beginning (the 1990s). There were actually people who claimed your theriotype wasn't a true theriotype unless it's an animal that lived natively in the current place you live, or country of birth, etc. Some people have very odd beliefs when it comes to therianthropy. You can be a fox therian and live in a place where foxes do not natively live. Same with people living in the US who are cheetah and lion therians. Sure we have then in the zoo and sanctuaries but they are native to Africa.


    Looks like it's time for a new thread since we've reached 100 pages. I'll be closing this one down and starting a new one. Feel free to carry any conversations over to the new thread.
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