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Thread: How varied is your diet?

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    Default How varied is your diet?

    As I posted in the steak thread, medical tests show that I'm naturally low in iron and that I need a diet high in protein. I love rare steak, so I'm fine with that. But a quality I can relate to in my animal, the coywolf or coyote, is the sheer variety of their menu. I, too, enjoy fresh berries and nuts, fresh fruit, a good salad (no Iceberg lettuce!), and pretty much anything both healthy and capable of being eaten. I have a slight food taboo against seafood; my birth family was scared to death of it, and I'm only now becoming accustomed to it, slowly. (Sushi is delish.) I love foreign cuisine. I will try anything once, but maybe not fried spiders, or eyeballs, or anything that is truly unusual in my area. (Although Crow tells me to give the eyeballs a chance.)

    Nor would I eat meat that has been touched by detrivores, despite the insistence of a few brave adventurers that maggot-chewed meat is "sweet" in taste. Nor will I eat maggots or grubs.

    How extensive is your food palate, and what are your food taboos?

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    There are things I'm absolutely not touvhing ever, which include insevts, eyeballs, brains and probably other organs (although I could probably learn to like liver).

    Aside from that I have a somewhat sensitive palate when it comes to spices or sauces, which limits me in terms of foreign cuisine, sadly- although I've gotten good at adaptimg recipes to my tastes.

    My diet is fairly heavy on vegetables and to a lesser degree fruit, with poultry but very little red meat (usually in form of sausages). Some seafood is fine, but I stay clear of the fishier tasting things. I greatly enjoy snacking on nuts throughout the day.

    I don't eat much, though. Add it up and you'd arrive at 1.5 meals a day- sometimes just one, sometimes two.
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    Humans in general are typically very omnivorous. I do notice that I particularly enjoy "raw" food, though. Uncooked vegetables and fresh fruit are definitely among my favorite things to eat, in addition to fresh meat.

    But I'm much like a coywolf/coyote in that I really will eat almost anything. I've tried a few insects, but haven't had too many opportunities. But mostly, I'll eat anything that tastes good and isn't toxic, which includes healthy and fairly unhealthy things. I also have little willpower. I managed to stay in pretty good shape before grad school, and haven't become overweight or anything. But I do have to be careful in what foods I put around myself, because I really enjoy almost everything.

    I'm okay with a little iceberg lettuce for crunch, but yeah, my ideal salad is no croutons or cheese or tomato, lots of romaine and other leafy greens, radish, red onion, carrot, snap peas, and so on. I love cheese, but not on salads.

    And I really enjoy fresh fruits, especially raspberries. I have literally dreamed of stuffing my face with fresh raspberries right off the cane. I look forward to being able to have enough land to grow my own... we had a couple bushes when I was a kid.

    But yeah, other than a few key things I don't like (tomatoes, mushrooms, olives), I'm almost a walking garbage disposal. I need to watch that, because unfortunately it's way too easy to overload on unhealthy things in the US. It's easier to have nice fresh food in summer, though.

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    I am Russian, I can eat [almost] anything. Because I have a hard time tolerating food waste (and maybe because I'm a wee bit of a pinch-penny), this also means things that are ... slightly gone off. 'nuff said. I've also eaten [reportedly] questionable things like eyeballs and maggots., I LOVE brains SO MUCH. Let's just say I've used some off-the-wall ingredients every now and then.

    There are only three things I can think of that I wouldn't appreciate eating: Balut (fucking eww), cilantro (UUUUGHHH FUUUUCK EWWWW), and smoked fish (I used to love it but I am aversely conditioned to it after digitalis poisoning). Everything else is fine. Brains, kidneys, raw minced pork, maggot cheese, fermented fish...bring it on.
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    I'm a picky eater. Meats are limited to poultry and beef. I can eat pork but aside from bacon I don't really like to. I like fresh carrots and steamed broccoli. I also consume a lot of potatoes. I'll eat snack foods like Doritos, Lays or Pringles potato chips and Cheetos. I'm a big cereal eater as well and I like fast food whenever I can get it.
    I can go long periods without food with no Ill effects. My appetite is not what it once was. I once weighed 320 pounds. Now I'm down to 170 or so. I can get by on one big meal every couple of days or so. I'd probably be even skinnier if not for my Coca Cola addiction. My diet may not be the healthiest but then I'm hoping to die young. I've been ready to die ever since I lost my mom to cancer in 2012. As a result I don't give much of a shit about leading a healthy lifestyle. I don't want to live long enough to be old and grey in a care facility.

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    I'm not a picky eater, but I am a vegetarian.
    I love any type of fruit and vegetable (except onions. Ewwww). It would probably be better to give you a list of foods that I don't eat haha. (OOOH, but I LOVE asian food. Love love love. Especially if it's spicy.)
    I despise mayo, coleslaw, onion rings, grapefruit, calamari.
    But I love honey mustard, tofu, radishes, spinach, barbecue sauce, soup. AND LEMONAID. ITS SO GOOD. *chugs entire gallon in 9.2 seconds flat*

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    I also suffer from low iron and have to take two iron pills a day (as well as eat a diet high in meat). So I guess eating meat mainly with some cereal, peanut butter (oh man, peanut butter is godly!) and whatever for dinner.

    Also it's funny to note that my cholesterol is within normal range.

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    The only thing I've found that I won't eat under any circumstances is vegemite xP . So my diet tends to be pretty diverse. Food's great; Give me something, anything, I'll eat it.

    As for what my diet actually consists of, try to eat mostly if not entirely vegetarian most of the week, with meat 1-3 times a week.
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    I'm like you, wereaibo, in that I'm a picky eater. At least, by most people's standards. However unlike you, I eat far more types of meats than I do vegetables. Let's just say that I would starve if I tried being a vegetarian! I eat a total of 5 different veggies and most people tell me 2 of those don't even count (carrots, corn, potatoes, green beans {rarely} and red beets).

    I grew up in a picky eater household though: our spices included salt and pepper. Once my husband started cooking for me though, I started trying new and different things. I cannot live without garlic now and I recently tried chicken curry which is delicious! I've also tried Moroccan food, sushi (which I think is gross!), Indian food and Thai food. However my favorite ethnic foods will always be Italian!

    As far as taboos go, I'm trying to expand my palate and move more towards 'I'll try anything once' but certain things will always be a no-go for me. Things like bugs, balls, or things I cannot identify at least one ingredient in, etc.

    My rule tends to be the opposite of Andrew Zimmern's in that if it doesn't look good or smell good, I won't try it.

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    My diet's not too varied. I mean, I *will* eat and try various things, but I rarely go out and try them. Serve me them, and I'll be okay. It's sorta similar to cheetahs, I suppose. Out of all the cats, they're among the least varied in terms of different things they eat (number one being the domestic cat, fyi).
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