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Thread: How do you want your funeral, wake, and burial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindiel View Post
    Same here. Knowing my luck with plants, though, my tree would probably die and/or spontaneously catch fire. But I guess I'd be gone so it wouldn't really be my problem anymore, right?
    No, if the tree burns, we'll just bury it on top of you and plant another one over that. Dead stuff all the way down!

    But hey, even if they all burn, a burnt up forest is still way cooler than a sea of names on stones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisota View Post
    a burnt up forest is still way cooler than a sea of names on stones.
    I like cemeteries. Probably because of my fascination with death and morbid things. There's something about them that's beautiful to me. If I had access to a cemetary that was close to where I live, chances are I'd go sit in it and write poetry all day.
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    We share our physical lives with those in spirit. For life, like love, never dies.
    Love knows no limits, not even death.

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    I'm pretty set in wanting cremation. No sense in letting my lifeless carcass take up more space that we could use better. Too bad I can't be thrown to the animals when I'm dead, though maybe it is better since I'm all junk food. The very idea of a coffin in a hole in the ground bothers me. Though it makes for funny jokes. 6 feet under is a hilarious phrase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Jones View Post
    I'd recommend googling "green burials" before you begin, but I don't have a stake in the industry yet.

    I'll tell you all about mine after you tell me about yours. But a Living Will is still a great idea, even if you expect to live to 100.
    I want no funeral, no memorial, no wake, no obituary, and ideally, I'd like to know about a day ahead of my death so I can get to a pre-arranged place in the deep wilderness, lie down in comfort, fall asleep peacefully, and let go.

    My alternative is no funeral, no wake, no memorial, no obituary, just a cremation and toss the ashes/etc into some place pretty outdoors where they won't interfere with the ecosystem.

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    I just want to be stuck in the ground and let the worms do their thing, I am quite happy being compost when I am gone so a nice tree planted over me would be best. Oh I guess if I still had some useful organs at that point someone who needs them could have them before I am buried.

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    I like the idea of having a natural burial. No embalming, but I'd like to be buried in a way my body and whatever encases my body can naturally decompose. Ideally I'd want to look into options for biodegradable coffins or a biodegradable shroud. I'd want my funeral to be as cheap and natural as possible. As for a "wake", fuck that shit. I've always disliked going to funeral homes were everyone is sad, crying, and dressed up in their best clothes. Before I die, I'd want to invest money in a catered outdoor party, where at the center is a picture memorial of me, and everyone is outside enjoying good food, and visiting with everyone, and you can dress however you want to. I'd want the atmosphere to be like camping, or having an outdoor BBQ. If people want to dress nice, they can. If you want to show up wearing a loose shirt and PJ pants, that's great too. It won't hurt my feelings.

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    OH I forgot to talk about wake/service/whatever. I'd like an Irish type wake. Put my urn on a table and tell awesome stories about me while getting drunk. Wakes are for the living, after all. Service? Don't need one unless I go the tree route and people want to plant me.

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    Stick me in a coffin, chuck my Furbys and robot dogs in with me and toss me in the ground. No wake. No funeral. If the afterlife exists I'll be reunited with loved ones if it doesn't I'll be worm food. Either way I won't give much of a shit about my corpse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage View Post
    Ideally? Feed my remains to animals so I can go back to nature immediately...

    ...I am absolutely horrified at the idea of being embalmed and poisoning the earth, being kept apart from nature so that I can never rejoin it. Slightly less horrified at being cremated...
    Exactly the same. And if my death won't be sudden, I will probably be eaten by wild animals, cause I don't see my future anywhere near civilization. It is very possible to organize. And wolves will be quite reliable.

    I hate most of human funeral traditions, and those which mentioned by Savage - the most. Cremation is also a great way to do more harm to the nature, wasting not only organics of the body, but also a bunch of energy, emitting additional CO2...

    Just think about it. In 2012 there were 55 843 142 deaths in the world. If the average weight of human was, say, 60 kg (~132 lb), it is 3 350 588 520 kg (7 386 783 247 lb) of biomass per year! Wasted. Burned. Preserved in places where it is unavailable to natural ecosystems. All of this only because of traditions, superstitions, and human denial of death.

    It would have been enough to sustain population of 3 000 000 wolves, or ~600 000 tigers... Or preserve all threatened predator species.

    And as there are a lot of cultures and religions states that the 'body is nothing', only very few of them are really act according to this statement. Few exceptions that I know - some funeral traditions of indigenous peoples of Siberia, Mongolia, and Tibetan sky burial. They actually feed bodies to animals. For Tibetan it is the act of last good.
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    Unfortunately, giving dead bodies to large carnivores to eat would probably lead to more instances of them eating live humans than the average person would care for. And I'd worry about the potential for the spread of diseases, and ingestion of toxins from human bodies. At least with birds like vultures, it would be much harder for a disease to jump species. After all, humans can get a lot of diseases from eating meat.

    Then again, the vultures seem not to have that problem, so perhaps not.
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