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Thread: UK/BBC Show ; Wolfblood

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    I think I watched the first episode on Netflix? I can't remember. Is this the show taken from a teenage girl's perspective where she meets a new boy at school? If so, the first episode screamed of 'teenage angst with "werewolves" plot' to me so I haven't watched any more episodes since. If the show does focus mostly on wolves, maybe I'll give it another try.

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    I watched the first season of this a few months ago. It was "cute", but the plots were a bit weak and the wolves, despite being "not monsters", were depicted as growling snarling beasts. I would have preferred to see more developed wolf scenes, rather than focussing almost exclusively on the characters in human form. To be honest the only thing that really made it worth watching was the few wolf/werewolf references and jokes here and there (ironically for a serious show), like eating raw meat, referring to the family as a pack, and so on - those things I could somewhat relate to in unusual ways.

    I didn't bother watching the second or subsequent seasons though. I read a few synopses online and the later plots are too dark for me, and also by the third season almost the entire character lineup had changed.
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    I LOVE this show and watched every episode. There are lots of likable human and werewolf characters.

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