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We are looking for members of the otherkin, therianthropy, vampire, animal hearted, and multiplicity communities who have written high quality articles regarding these topics to submit them to the site. There are members here who have submitted relevant articles to other sites, and there are members here who would probably be able to write a decent article or two for Kinmunity who haven’t yet written or published articles for any sites. In order to help fill our Library section, we are holding an open call for articles. We will be accepting ten (10) high-quality articles from users for this purpose.

Users who submit an article that is selected will receive Elder status on Kinmunity, as well as a one year Gold VIP Membership. They will be asked to publish their article in our Library section to qualify. In order to submit an article for consideration in this contest, please Private Message Shiro the contents of your article. Your article should be at least 800 characters long and should be relevant to the aforementioned communities.

This contest ends on August 1st 2015.
To enter, please PM Shiro with your article.
Basically, register on Kinmunity.com and PM Shiro an article for inclusion for the site. If the article is good and has decent content, you get VIP membership for one year. We are seeking Therianthropy-specific articles as well.