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Thread: Vice article: Otherkin Are People Too; They Just Identify As Nonhuman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Jones View Post
    Don't forget that according to the article, video games create otherkin. Yeah, it's all just an elaborate fantasy, right? The author mentions how both require extensive imagination.
    What's sad about this is that most of us play games and aren't really helping the stereotype. I'm pretty much a gamer ever since the age of 2 but I always considered reptiles, dragons and other things bad guys. Whenever I liked a dinosaur as a kid it wasn't the T-Rex (who I thought was a big mean asshole) but rather the cutesy and harmless ones. So it's funny how video games seem to have little to do with it when you look a little deeper into it. Sadly, people never do so we'll keep looking like a stereotype.

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    "No one I speak to wants to be a goblinkin."
    Actually, there was an active goblin on OKA and on Otherkin Retreat last time I was there. :P

    While the article does have problems, it doesn't seem to take the normal 'these people are ALL wackjobs' approach as some articles do. It's not perfect, but at least it gives a small bit of insight into the subculture without too much of a negative spin.

    Although I am very curious which "11 Otherkin" the author actually contacted. I don't think anyone here or on OKP was notified? So if the author is only taking information from places like Tumblr and Reddit into consideration, it's no wonder the responses are a little more out there than is normal like in places like here.

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    They seem to be confusing otherkin with Furry Fandom in some sections but even that has it's inaccuracies. No self respecting furry seriously uses the term "fursecution" for one thing.
    I don't get the insinuated connection between video games and otherkin. Yes, lots of otherkin are gamers. Tons of people are. It'd be more unusual if most otherkin DIDN'T play games. I know they're trying to say most otherkin are fanciful fluffernutters but that reeks of poor research. Maybe I'm hanging out in the wrong parts of the internet but it seems like most of the otherkin and therians I know have their shit together. Multiple fails in this article but an interesting read nonetheless.

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    I've got to get some sleep, but what jumped out at me the most was the age group of these otherkin. A few teenagers surely have all of the answers. Why not find a larger sampling of ages? I might have more thoughts about this later. G'night.

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