First, let me state that the Werelist is a general "No bullshit zone", except, you know, where bullshit is allowed like the games forum.

If you fall into one of the following categories, the Werelist is not for you:
1. Someone that roleplays in real life
2. Someone that doesn't know the difference between role play and real life
3. People who think Whitewolf games are real
4. People who think they can physically shapeshift (We know you can't, please stop - it's pathetic.)
5. People who think they are genetically a werewolf (Either fully or partially). - I would love to see the scientific journals on this one, personally.
6. People who send mass PMs to users to ask them stupid questions that is a lead up to you bragging about your non-existant degree in a science that you made up, from an unaccredited organization that you also made up, to try to get them to give you money for said organization. (Yes, we're on to you).

But wait, what if you want to participate here because you hear great things about it?

We're not completely cold and heartless. If you would like to participate here, all you have to do is the following:
#1. Follow the rules.
#2. Drop the bullshit, seriously.

That's it.

To our users that get PMs from people like this:
#1. Tell a staff member. Feel free to PM me about it.
#2. You should probably delete it, but you can feel free to keep it for the laughs.
#3. Don't fall for it, it's bullshit.