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Thread: The Daily Groan (A thread to ease your pain) - The 3rd!

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    I wish management was better at striking down at slipshod work and better at following through with consequences for people willingly and knowingly screwing up or slacking off.

    My coworker and I are becoming notorious for getting on everyone's case for this and that and I don't feel we should have to. We don't get paid enough to kick people in the ass for slacking off. It's management's job to keep everyone uo to standard.

    Sometimes it feels like we're babysitters because too many people don't feel like doing all of the tasks their job entails, leaving them for others to pick up. At this point we're almost to Karen tier reputation but we're just tired of being the only ones living up to stipulated regulations and work standards.

    I probably take my work too personally. Cynics and idiots would say I was bred to be a slave or something. But I don't feel like there should be shit to pick up after someone else in the first place. I am not forced to by any means; it's not mandatory for me, but I have a hard time just leaving things a mess. Hell, sometimes it even gets in the way or slows us down. Sometimes it's a safety violation even.

    We've tried everything short of straight up name-dropping and reporting people. I don't feel like I should have to fucking narc on my coworkers for shit to be done right.

    Ugh. People.
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    I'm sick to death of being used.

    Even my pathologically narcissistic but neurotypical mother commented that "People try to take advantage of you." They really do. Blatantly. As if they think I'm intellectually impaired. The tricks they'll try to pull and the words they'll spew at me are incredibly, shockingly inappropriate.

    Anonymous did it from 2011-2015, abusively exploiting my goodwill and need for justice, then discarded and degraded and mocked and shamed me for almost six years ongoing, since 2015.

    Tonight I deactivated a Twitter account that had 21,000 followers. I've put my heart and soul into it, the way I do with everything. (A former friend who's a wolf therian said I'm pathologically honest.)

    I was doing wildlife advocacy. But no one was paying me for it. I considered myself lucky if I had a handful of retweets. On a different account, I've shared resources and spoken up about online harassment only to receive the silent treatment from everyone, despite that I'm apparently famous in real life because of the magnitude of the harassment I've received online.

    I'm not volunteering my knowledge anymore. I'm not sharing what I know or care about. I'm not sharing my heart and soul with strangers who don't respect me.

    Fuck you. Pay me.

    I have a very low opinion of human nature. They treat you like shit if you can't keep up with their psychological games. They'll blame you, shame you, then try to get you to kiss their butts for the honour of no longer being abused.
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    Incompetence. I am so very tired of dealing with people who just do the bare minimum and are even terrible at that. I'm not sure which bothers me more, the lack of definitive results to situations out of my direct control or the hapless individuals who are so sure they know what they are talking about until you prove otherwise to them. Then when your on the same page, they realize they have no idea. It's more a symptom of the system, but it seems to be in every place I go.

    Masks.... people and fucking masks. It works like this. Quarantine is the Most effective means of stopping the spread of a pathogen, Social Distancing is the Next most effective thing. LASTLY having no option for the first two and only if unable to abide by those guidelines if you MUST be around other people, wear a mask as the LAST line of defense. It is not a fucking solution, but it's visible and it's easy for dumbasses to latch onto, like toilet paper. It's an item that makes people feel safe but, does little more. Lets not forget people shed the virus constantly. What really pisses me off is seeing the lack of social distancing, the signs are everywhere but even though I do my damnedest to stay away from people they ignore the VERY SIMPLE instructions on how to conduct behavior in public. The pandemic won't end because of human action, it will end when it has run it's course, why? Because people can't even be assed to do the bare minimum, too busy with their self important bullshit. Besides, the well to do still need their servants after all, we can't shut everything down, they might have to clean their own toilets then or cook their own food. The pandemic has outlined the gap between the affluent and the modern working slave.

    Been fighting with another agency rife with unaccountability for over six months now. If I could punch someone in the face through the phone, my god that would be lovely.

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    can't stop PROCRASTINATING. good lord.
    the thing I need to do isn't even hard.

    well I'm chipping away at it but it's taking forever because I won't just get it done lol

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    The Arecibo Observatory is going to be demolished. I get why they have to do it, but it still sucks. Seeing it in Contact, in the middle of the rainforest, was a site I'll never forget. Don't tend to get to worked up about space science, but I really wish I could've gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetah View Post
    The Arecibo Observatory is going to be demolished. I get why they have to do it, but it still sucks. Seeing it in Contact, in the middle of the rainforest, was a site I'll never forget. Don't tend to get to worked up about space science, but I really wish I could've gone.
    I saw the news on this as well, it had me more thinking about the movie Golden Eye, led to some reminiscing of the time when these things were current events. Then I felt old. I did not know that it was in Puerto Rico, nor that it was operated by UCF. Kind of interesting, I'd imagine with the earthquakes, hurricanes and other disasters it has become more of a liability. I was a little bummed when I heard about the situation but I think that better ( and probably more compact ) tools are in use these days, I'm trying to think of it in the light of moving forward more so than loss of a relic of the past.

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    Twenty-four-hour news coverage is doomscrolling for boomers. We talk about the negative impacts of excessive social media use and such... and yeah, the constant outrage machine of, say, Twitter, is definitely not good for the psyche. But geez, I don't understand how older folks can turn on a constant news stream on the TV and just be perpetually inundated by DANGER NEWS!!

    I see the mental impact it has on people. It's not great. Read some articles, get informed, and then turn off the doom machines for a while...

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