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Thread: The Daily Groan (A thread to ease your pain) - The 3rd!

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    I am getting beyond tired of these dreams I keep having taunting me with a world that can't exist. One where I, or others can transform into critters, or werewolves. Therians, or just anyone with this ability in dreams. I keep having these and each morning I wake up with more and more Species Dysphoria.

    That along with my various health issues; from a 4th year of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, to Sinusitis, and my usual body pains ("Slight" scoliosis, to losing cartilage in my knees, arthritis. I'm not seeking pity. But these things just keep adding up.

    Add to all of this my home life with my Borderline mother has gotten to worse levels in decades. Cops being called by both of us (nothing physical), lawyers, etc. The verbal abuse there never ends. My state could give a shit. I called Crisis once and they said; "We can only help you or your mother, if you or she are a harm to yourself/herself or others". I was like Fuck. It's a waiting game now, til she's put in a nursing home (shes 77), or dies.

    I don't usually post here in this thread. But my morning dream of folks that had the ability to turn into, or create a copy of themselves as a critter kicked my Species Dysphoria into overdrive. I didn't get up til about 9:45 am. I went to sleep last night watching Battle Dogs. Deep sighs. Oh well... Hope everyone else gets/feels better too.


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    I'm mentally revisiting older posts and wishing I'd had the ability to read the subtext before commenting. I made some things about me without intending to. I was trying my best, though...
    "To insult someone we call him 'bestial'. For deliberate cruelty and nature, 'human' might be the greater insult."
    — Isaac Asimov

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    Really concerning health problems in the immediate family. My family is so spread out that none of us can really be present to help out.

    And some crazy neighbor is being a bully, accusing my family member of lying and faking illness. I don't get angry very easy... like, at all, pretty much ever.

    But I'd give that lady a fuckin' earful. True cruelty on display from her, and I'm too far away to protect my loved one.

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