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Elsewhere, I've seen wolves described as "warm, fluffy tornadoes with fangs". That one, I like. Edit: Found the reference.

I used to be all restless energy. On better days, thyroid-wise, I still can be. I'm definitely determined. I might go on a long hike with a friend when my feet are all blistered and very sore. It feels ableist of me, but I'm impatient with slow walkers, at least when the perceived reason for their slow walking is that they're chatting away.

But nah, for me, it's either manic energy or sloth. I'm a little less high-strung than I used to be. More comfortable relaxing. Even on days of imperfect hormone levels, though, my mind is always moving.
I love that description for wolves because it fits me to a tee! I'm also similar in that I'm either very energetic (usually around friends, doing something fun) or else lazy. I've often wondered if it's thyroid-related or some other health reason.

Therian Thought: Fall is coming! Let the Season of the Wolf begin! *howls*