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Thread: Foods you like

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    Default Foods you like

    Well this might be a merger thread but hey.

    Straightforward. What kind of food do you like? What are you eating now (or last ate, or are about to)?
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    Pizza (meat lovers)

    Roast Beef

    Chicken Alfredo

    Sloppy Joes

    Chicken Dumplings

    Chicken pot pies

    If it was once sentient and could move i would like to devour it ^_^ Unless it was a fish or a bug, hate those.

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    Some of my favorite things to make for myself are:

    Burritos with black beans and guacamole

    Quesadillas dipped in guacamole

    Lentil curry, which I serve over rice with chopped celery mixed in (the more leaves the better)

    Salad with romaine lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes, green olives, and an oil and vinegar dressing that I make right there on the salad by just splashing on some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs

    A sandwich that's havarti and feta cheese, green olives, Tabasco sauce, and romaine lettuce on sourdough with mayonnaise.

    Another sandwich that's got alternating layers of romaine lettuce and provolone cheese, topped with tomatoes, on sourdough with basil pesto mayo.

    Pasta topped with my marinara sauce with sauteed sweet peppers, crimimi mushrooms and garlic.

    Pasta pomodoro. I put the tomatoes in the colander and they automatically cook when I drain the pasta. I also use the hot pasta water to cook the garlic, which remains close to raw and keeps a lot of it's allicin which protects me from viruses. The other ingredients are sea salt, basil and olive oil.

    Red cabbage with blue cheese dressing.

    Carrots, celery (once again, the more leaves, the better), and radishes dipped in hummus.

    Romaine lettuce topped with feta cheese and green schug.

    For dessert I have grapefruits or apples or plums. Sometimes black or red grapes. Very occasionally some sort of berries, or cherries.

    I recently discovered black bean burgers at a cafe and they simultaneously satisfy my human side going "mmmm burger" and my sloth side going "eww meat is icky". I think I'll learn to make them at some point.

    I think I currently have a total of 13 different hot sauces/salsas/etc in my kitchen. I like spice.

    Also I like nasturtium flowers, but I haven't had any in a while. They're kinda spicy.

    EDIT: I feel like I just wrote a restaurant menu
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    I love to drink my meals personally. coffee, naked (brand), Bathhouse (brand), milk, tea or soda. I also like pickled herring quite a bit.

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    As a picky eater, I tend to stick with stuff I know and like. As such, most if not all, of my foods are "plain" (as in, so sauces or 'weird spices').

    Some of my favorites and most often consumed foods are:

    Pasta - pretty much any variety with marinara sauce, butter or olive oil
    - My all-time favorite meal is shells with brown butter: so yummy!
    Pizza - cheese only
    Beef - hamburgers, steak, meatballs
    Pork - ham, chops, sausage, bacon
    - Sausage & potatoes (Irish stew-type dish)
    Chicken - grilled, fried, boiled, baked
    - Chicken Parmigiana
    - Fried chicken
    - Chicken curry
    Seafood - crab, fried fish, shrimp
    Fruit - apples, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, bananas, blueberries
    Veggies - corn, potatoes, carrots, green beans & red beets (yes, these are the only ones I eat!)
    French fries (although I hate fresh cut ones, they're never crispy!)
    Ice cream, cookies, most desserts containing chocolate
    Pancakes with chocolate chips
    Chocolate chip or blueberry muffins
    Protein bars
    PA Dutch pot pie
    Grandma's chocolate cake with peanut butter icing
    - simply the best dessert EVER!

    I'm a carb lover, can you tell?

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    I like tasty food. Right now I'm not eating anything.

    Okay, okay, I'll give the reply you want. Jeez louise.

    Pelmeni are probably my favourite dish, but they're tied with boller i karry. And then there's the kolobki that Grandma (I think?) invented. You can google everything else yourself, but kolobki is a family recipe. It's bite-sized little baked bread balls drowned in a mixture of sunflower oil, salt, and a METRIC FUCKTON of garlic. Other than that my preferences change (/cycle) often.

    I also enjoy surströmming which is only for the truly enlightened.

    But I'm STILL not eating anything right now. Sue me.
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    I love sushi and eat it multiple times a week. I also like potatoes...
    I last ate chicken and potato curry, with a secret ingredient of cat hair, it gets everywhere.
    I'm rly not picky and will eat nearly everything, I will try everything once no matter how weird. Though I hate cooked green capsicum, current types tofu I've tried, any flavour chips that is sourcream or onion flavoured, and LIQUORICE...liquorice shouldn't exist.

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    Vanilla cake, spinach tortellini, buttery and salty mashed potatoes, marshmallows, I'm hungry.
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    When I go back on the keto diet in a month or two, I'll be eating meat and eggs and high fat, high protein foods with almost no carbs. I prefer that diet because I lose weight fast and I feel more energetic and alert. I suspect I'm probably iron-deficient normally, and I seem to require more protein than the average diet contains.

    My friend has started calling it "the coyote diet" to humour me. "I know coyotes will eat anything, but if they had a choice, I bet they'd love a diet of mostly meat." My own thoughts are that coyotes probably prefer a varied diet the same way most people do, but I'll go along with his narrative.

    Barbecue is my soul food. I also have a thing for Indian kashmiri korma.

    I love fresh fruit and berries. Made with the right ingredients, like strawberry purée and a dash of liquid ice cream, strawberry smoothies can be addictive. I'll have to mostly give them up on the keto diet.

    WATER. My favourite drink. I have a water fetish. I carry water with me everywhere. Nothing soothes those synapses like a drink of cold water when you're thirsty. As a kid, I used to drink water obsessively until sometimes I threw up. At least it's good for me, I suppose? I'm not into sugary drinks.

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    I like water because there are times when nothing else will work. I know if I had to choose a drink to...well, drink for the rest of my life and only that drink, it would be water. My favorite in the short term is this aloe drink with little bits of aloe in it, but in the end I need water, dammit.

    I also like romaine hearts. I'm eating one right now.

    And kimchi, which was a surprise since I thought it looked nasty and I don't generally like cabbage. I love kimchi and eat it straight out of the jar.

    Did I mention I love fish? All kinds. ALL. FUCKING. KINDS.

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