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Thread: The perils of sharing personal information online

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    It's also best to not link your user or personal information that can be tracked elsewhere, like social media sites. I use a very specific user name on all therian sites. One that is not traceable to any real life accounts. I am a bit paranoid that way
    But simply put, what I say here I wish to have a strict level of protection, and a disconnect. Who I am here on these boards, and who I am in real life, even outside of those who know me from Facebook is very private.

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    I agree that for those who have to balance on a delicate line of being discovered and being attacked, stalked, etc, that protecting identities is highly important.

    But I cannot hide myself as a business owner, and being that my business is tied to my therian side. My art is tied to me as a therian, so I do not hide it nor myself. I'm a tad scarier than those that would dare stalk me, plus where I live and work there is heavy diversity and more acceptance of those not human. This co-op hosts many types of people, talents, etc. I could host a howl here and no one would bat an eye lol. It's just that way where I'm at.

    In the end it's a personal choice for each individual whether and how much personal information they share and should be that way. (Except for minors, minors should NEVER share anything personal. My teen has had this drilled into his head for 15 years lol)

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