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Thread: Your favorite kind of meat?

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    See every single Beggin' Strips commercial to date for my answer. How is this even a contest? Nothing in it's simplest form tastes as good as nice pan-fried bacon, unless you count turkey bacon, which I do not because it needs stuff to taste as good as the classic porkiness. Sure, you can make turkey really good, same with beef, some pork, (I have never enjoyed a pork chop, no matter how you make it. How something can be so bland stock that it is not good with stuff that makes other meat amazing I do not know. Maybe my tongue is stupid.) chicken, and just about anything, but bacon needs no introduction. Throw it on a pan and bam, it's making every other meat better simply my existing alongside it!

    You know I am hungry when anorexic me is pushing bacon like I have evoked the spirit of Billy Mays. But seriously, it's BACON! xP
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    As far as I know, bacon is one of the most harmful and fatty types of meat. It may be tasty, but very harmful to metabolism. Or am I wrong?

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