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Thread: Your favorite kind of meat?

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    My favorite foods ever just happen to be:
    Steak [rare as possible!]
    Salmon [especially raw]
    Venison [although I rarely get to have any, I haven't had it in a few years now].

    All the other kinds of meat just fall into ambiguous rankings because it seriously depends upon my mood and whether I feel like that particular meat or not on any given day. But offer me any of the above and I'll always be in the mood for them [unless of course it's ruined by too much spice, both heat and flavor wise]. The only meat that I hardly ever desire to eat is ham. It's usually too salty for my liking and just usually tastes like I'd be better off just licking up lines of salt.

    I'm willing to try new meat dishes, but I draw a line at things like balut, lutefisk, etc. I tried steamers for the first time this past September and really wasn't impressed and could only finish off a few before the texture and taste started to bother me considerably.

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    I have not eaten meat in 20 years. But I know the meat I WANT lol. Deer, Elk, Etc... Prey meat. But I suffice on soy/vegetarian meats, Chicken, Beef, etc...

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    On the realm of what I've had, my ranking is:

    1- Shrimp!! So nice and soft
    2- Have you ever had chicken cooked peruvian style? Because that. Is straight up blessed
    3- Um, I'm not sure about the exact word, but you know the fancy sirloin cut you get in barbecues? That one.
    4- Fish overall are great
    5- Rotisserie chicken, I'd die for rotisserie chicken

    Overall, I'm less about the source of the meat and more about how it's prepared? Rule of thumb is that I prefer things cooked whole over fried or torn apart and put together again. Anything cooked whole or in a big piece is great in my book!
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    I enjoy a nice steak or hamburger every now and then. But sometimes I really like the sauces. Going to a BBQ and getting ribs and sausage and lathering them with sauce, or a Wings place and trying the different seasonings.

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    My choices of meat (or any food for that matter) isn't really related to my theriotype. Although I must admit that I do like some good red meat now and again.

    I'd be interested in trying some near-raw meat, mainly as a way of connecting more with my therioside, but there's no way that I could get that past mom lol.

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    I prefer a good medium to medium-rare steak. I also have a thing for chicken (all sorts, but chicken wings are lovely), sometimes turkey, and good seafood (clams, mussels, lobster, crab, salmon, octopus, squid, even seaweed, etc).
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    Literally anything but birds. I can enjoy a good chicken or turkey leg every now and then. I just do not find them that tasty. I am particular to hoofed animals, and fish.
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    I fully respect those who are vegetarian or vegan for that matter and even wish that there were more of them around.
    Their lifestyle is beneficial for the planet and for animal welfare, livestock et cetera.
    However, I feel like I can't make that decision. I enjoy a burger or spare ribs from time to time, but can also look forward to a vegetarian dish if one is served, just for the sake of staying healthy.
    Red meat is something I like too, though I don't want it served bloody/nearly raw.

    People who usually do restaurants to enjoy haute cuisine, and favor etiquette disgust me a little.
    In my opinion, I'm very grateful for the food on my plate but I don't need all the extras, protocol, courtesy and such.
    Food isn't a luxury for everybody, it's a necessity and it should be treated as such, with much respect and gratitude. There are people around who do with less and are less fortunate.
    When I'm hungry and see a nice looking dish in front of me, I would charge no matter the cost.

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    Awww, but bloody/nearly raw is fun! Just wish there was no health risk with eating it or I would eat it all the time raw.

    I can understand where you're coming from on how food is supposed to be a necessity and not supposed to be treated as a luxury, we must all think of those that go hungry in this world (i.e. the poor and homeless). I think doing so would make one feel grateful with what they have, rather than just idly enjoying it.

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    It's not the taste or the meat's tenderness I dislike...
    When you expose bloody meat to the other things on your plate, such as mashed potato or apple sauce, the juices tend to mix into some kind of nasty colourless mess.

    Out of curiosity?
    Today, I made this remark my friends thought of as odd. Is it me or do lamb chops(= the meat) really smell like sheep (as in the actual living and breathing animal)?
    Everybody thought it was a weird thing of me to say, but I do think regardless that goat milk, and lamb smell the same as the animal itself.
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