It's how I found out that my whole life, I've lived in an area roughly the size of Kerguelen. And that Kerguelen is much bigger than I thought it was, whenever I imagined it I thought "tiny group of islands." That or it really is as tiny as I imagined it and the area I've lived in just isn't very big at all.!...NDU0Ng(MzM3)Ng

Type in a place name (I actually put in "French Southern and Antarctic Lands") and you will get an outline of the place, you can drag it around anywhere on the map you like. Use the compass in the bottom left to rotate (since "French Southern and Antarctic Lands" is actually much more than Kerguelen, this resulted in Kerguelen flying all over the map when I tried to rotate it, so watch out for that sort of thing). Right click to remove the outline from the map.