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Thread: The "share pictures of your theriotype" thread

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    Default The "share pictures of your theriotype" thread

    The idea is that when you find an interesting picture of your theriotype while browsing the internet, you post it here.

    Psychological therian.

    "If it howls like a wolf, snarls like a wolf, and thinks it's a wolf, then it probably is a wolf." - micheal65536

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    (Forum Thread Quickly uses up Cell Phone Bandwidth due to large collection of High resolution Photos)
    Well Ill give this a shot, even though I am not sure if my fur is completely normal Red fox, a cross Fox or a Black Fox. (Same species though)
    Not Sure how long the weblink will last: (Its a Red Fox from Russia, and its Not surprising I would Identify with that because of my strong German background)


    (Yes I edited the fur color through my own color to black/white shade software and I am not sure if I have Black and white fur like that image or Red and White fur like my profile Avatar)
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    Screenshot 2017-11-23 at 3.12.50 PM.jpg

    Here are a couple of red pandas playing

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    Here's mine.
    Linking because I don't want to clog the thread with big images.

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