I had the idea that we post the kinds of questions that your theriotype might ask if they suddenly found themselves in a human body or in human society. Then answer them in the way that you might answer them if you were explaining them to your theriotype.

Q: How are you supposed to walk on two legs?
A: It's like walking on four legs, except you hold the front half of your body up in the air and keep your front legs stationary, moving only the back legs.

Q: What is a "house" and why do we need one?
A: A "house" is like a den, except it's built by humans rather than being re-purposed from existing terrain. We need houses because we're too snobby to live in a den.

Q: How am I supposed to dry my hair?
A: You dry your hair using a towel, which is a piece of cloth that you rub across your hair. It's like rolling on the ground, except your body stays stationary and you move the ground over your head.

Q: How do you keep warm?
A: You keep warm by wearing clothes. Clothes are like fur, except you can take them off and put different ones on to change your appearance, and you feel cold if you don't wear them.