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    For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving, here's wishes that it will be both merry and safe. How will you be celebrating?

    Zoom is lifting its 40 minute limit on Thanksgiving so you can have a nice safe virtual dinner with folks who don't live in your household. Definitely a recommended option. I would prefer to stay home, but I have a single family member who lives about an hour and a half away and is otherwise pretty isolated, so there will be a masked visit to a one person household for me. Not really happy about it, but they're insistent and clear on understanding the risks which are mostly on their side given their age and current degree of isolation. There's an outdoor patio and heaters, so we'll be able to make do and mitigate the risks. I'm negative as of last week, but I've ventured out for grocery runs occasionally so exposure is certainly possible. I'm thinking that a Zoom Thanksgiving is a whole lot better than an ICU Christmas and wish I wasn't being pressured into going. It will not make me feel good if I end up doing harm to a family member by visiting during a pandemic, their idea or not.

    How about you?

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    My mate and I are staying home (for the first time in all the years since we got together!) and having my father-in-law over since otherwise he'd be alone this year. He has, like us, been extra careful, so I'm not worried about him.

    But I will not get to see my family because they don't think it's that big of a deal and haven't been taking it seriously.

    We will be having smoked turkey thighs, filling, niblets corn in butter sauce, homemade rolls, cranberry log and fruit salad. For dessert we're splurging and getting apple caramel bread pudding with bourbon sauce from a local 4 star restaurant.

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    Staying the hell home.
    Dinner will have at least the following: rolls, candied yams, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked carrots/brussels sprouts/bacon with brown sugar, a GIANT HAM, pumpkin/apple/cherry pies, mini pies of all different flavors, deviled eggs

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