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Thread: Therian Daily Thought - The 5th!

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    I was always the scrawny kid and teenager who wolfed down food and never put on weight. I was envied and hated for it at school. People saw me eating and knew I didn't have an eating disorder. My best friend at the time commented, "You're not from Hungary, you're from HUNGRY." (A close relative is Hungarian. I'm just Canadian.)

    Now that my thyroid's shot and I actually need to lose weight, I feel horrible dysphoria. I can't use my body with the same ease I'd always taken for granted, going distance running, doing some basic parkour, shimmying onto a rooftop at an abandoned building complex and sliding through an open window and hopping down. My body is meant for serious utility. I've been procrastinating about getting the tattoo Kisota designed for me. I want it to be a reward for getting back into shape, somewhere around 125 pounds at 5'7, and sculpting wiry muscle. I'm trying to be patient. It's a slow process. I'm so much happier on outdoors adventures than I am in a gym.

    And teeth. I loved my sharp canines as a kid. I ran my tongue over the ridges of one of my upper canines. At some point, a dentist FILED DOWN three of my adult canine teeth, making the surfaces flat. They're supposed to ask first! I'll have to get them capped. I have a very narrow palate with several teeth congenitally missing (not that you'd notice), and basically I won't be happy until I finish a long surgical reconstruction process. I wear expanding braces for five years, have two upper teeth inserted, and then get my expanded jaw broken into three pieces and put back together. It's a very invasive procedure. I'd have my jaws wired shut for a month. I am so not looking forward to it, but it needs to be done. It'll fix my facial asymmetry. I'm told that the outcome generally makes people more facially attractive. For $15,000 paid out of pocket, it had damn well better.

    My mouth is small. I wish I had a much wider smile. I wish I could unhinge my jaws like a snake. (And now I'm going to boil a couple of eggs for tomorrow's ketogenic breakfast...)
    "To insult someone we call him 'bestial'. For deliberate cruelty and nature, 'human' might be the greater insult."
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    Are you doing keto? Because I am. Started creeping up to that 185 pound mark (I'm 5'5) and was all "nope" and so's been good. I'm back into the 170 range and it hasn't been too long. Plus it's an excuse to eat fish all the time :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerguelen View Post
    Are you doing keto? Because I am. Started creeping up to that 185 pound mark (I'm 5'5) and was all "nope" and so's been good. I'm back into the 170 range and it hasn't been too long. Plus it's an excuse to eat fish all the time :P
    I’ve been doing keto since March alongside intermittent fasting and went from 235lb to 212lb. My short term goal is 199lb, but my long term is 160lb (or even 140lb if I can manage it), though I’ve been more low carb than keto recently.

    The keto really is just supplemental to the IF, since it keeps me satiated for longer, making it easier to fast. And when I fast, it’s typically from around 11pm-12pm or later (I always fast at least 12 hours).

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    Lol, that’s too funny, CJ, I also had (and still have) a reputation for a huge appetite. I remember a lot of “hollow leg” jokes.

    I have no medical excuse for getting out of shape - I just didn’t have good habits through grad school! I wonder if I’d gone for a PhD like I’d originally planned, whether I would have been able to turn that around in my 20s at all.

    My coworker and I were talking yesterday about what a different sense of distance we have now, after years of working field jobs that easily require 6-12 miles a day hiking. The mile run for the Presidential Fitness Challenge in school was the most dreaded torture for me as a kid, but now I can run three in a row? Actually, this gives me an idea for an interesting thread.

    And holy shit, I’d be LIVID if a dentist flattened my teeth! It’s kind of funny, I thought the reason my canines were getting flatter on one side was *my* fault. It’s my left side, and I figured that since I’m left handed, I was just eating more on that side and blunting them. Turned out it was a malocclusion that was probably worsened by my wisdom teeth coming in. Just like with sharper-toothed animals, our teeth are meant to fit together so the cusps of the top teeth fit in the spaces between the bottom ones. Mine were shifted so that basically they were hitting each other a little.

    I’ve actually had my orthodontist file them pointier again! No objections from him - the natural shape of my unblunted ones is fairly big and pointy, so we’re really just making them match better again. I actually talked to my dentist about having them capped to match the undamaged ones. I learned that the canine teeth are the first to meet when you close your mouth, and they functionally guide the jaws together properly - so that means caps on the ends of canine teeth are exceptionally easy to break off (which can potentially damage the teeth). So, no permanent caps. But I’ll have fun with my costume fangs.

    I feel very fortunate for my teeth. I seem to have gotten the luckiest genetics for them among my siblings… although I guess it’s kind of lucky for my sister that she only had three wisdom teeth!

    Re: food and eating - a study came out this year suggestion keto may be associated with increased risk of heart disease. Some of that is due to the types of fats people were consuming, and I haven’t gone to track down the primary article and really assess it yet. But do be careful!! I thought about keto for a while back in grad school… I ended up deciding I wouldn’t be able to sustain that long term. And being encouraged to eat blobs of cream cheese to hit macros for the day while being told carrots and beans were off the menu seemed too unintuitive to me.

    I have had a lot of luck with intermittent fasting, though, and the studies about it seem encouraging. Plus, with my small body size (I’m well under 100 lbs) and disproportionately huge appetite, it really helps me feel satisfied to just eat an occasional big meal. When I had to wear aligners on my teeth and couldn’t have them out for more than a few hours a day, it was also really helpful.

    I used to have occasional blood sugar lows during field work and feel a bit shaky, but since I started generally only eating from 12 to 8 pm, it’s been a lot more stable. It can seem a little weird to wake up before 5 am and not eat for seven hours, while hiking the whole morning, but it works for me.
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    I have a lot of luck with keto and IF for maintaining weight. The hardest part is keeping active enough during fasting so that one's mind doesn't reach for food as something to do.

    Most of us in the west eat out of habit, not because we are actually hungry and need to. Once that is realized, one can begin planning a strategy to break the habit.


    "It takes incredible strength and courage to be different from everybody else, but it's a good thing."

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    I wish I could lose weight, but due to my high appetite + lack of exercise = consistent weight gain.

    Ugh, it sucks.

    In other news: I had an m-shift at work, it was pretty strong so I listened to some Gregorian to calm down. Luckily I kept everything on the down-low so no one thought I was crazy/acting strange. Other than that, nothing much.

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