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Thread: Therian Daily Thought - The 5th!

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    It wouldn't occur to me not to think about being animal at all for a considerable length of time, like being too busy for it. Years ago, some members of Werelist were saying that they never feel very animal when they're sick, and that their brains and bodies must not have the energy for therianthropy. ??? It's integral. I don't know another way of being. I'm not nearly as interested in scrutinizing myself as I once was, though. Like many of us, I've grown up and grown into it.

    Seconding what Kiso said about autumn, my favourite season. Kiso, what's yours? I can't tell for certain if it's autumn or summer, but I'm leaning toward summer. Everything about you says summer.

    What's your favourite season, y'all?

    Don't eat your pet fish.
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    I think we might have a favorite season thread!

    You called it - I like summer best but fall is a close second. I want to say I like spring, but all but one of the places I've lived have had really rough springtimes. As in, it stays cold stupidly long and there's a lot of mud involved. And then you discover you are actually in Fool's Spring and winter bitchslaps you again.

    I actually do like winter too, and I like snow when I'm walking in it... not so much when I'm driving in it. I find it really hard to stay warm enough through most of winter, too. Everyone always says "you can always add layers." But no one wants to look like Randy from A Christmas Story. Being encumbered sucks and doesn't really do much to help the hands and feet when you tend to lose circulation in the cold like I do.

    I shed head better than I produce it. Plus, I like bugs and reptiles and amphibians and being as unencumbered as possible out in the wilds. Yep, summer suits me best.

    But DANG is autumn good, too. We are at the peak of colors around here, now, and so my cross-state drive for a solo mission for work was awesomely scenic.

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    Ya know, I just figured out something: This is TMI so I'll put it under a spoiler tag I found out that I m-shift not just from anger but when I throw up. While I was sick for a bit, I threw up in the toilet and I had a sudden flash of an m-shift. Like I lost control of myself for a second.

    Anyways, hope the spoiler tag works. Looks like it did, good. But yeah, I just found that interesting, it's either that or when it's the time of the month that I nearly end up going crazy, but I am sure every woman is like that monthly.

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