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Thread: Therian Daily Thought - The 5th!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisota View Post
    It is very interesting to me how fall always seems to provoke an extra lot of animal feelings. Those urges to just fling humanity off like an old bathrobe and take off into the long brown grass and leaves! The smells and cool air. I don't know. Something about it. Feeling extra coyote this past week or so, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly how.
    I tend to have the same thing happen during the fall! Has been something I noticed more over the past few years. I tend to have stronger and more frequent shifts in the fall. That and I just plain love the season. Fall and winter are my favorites. I want so badly to run around in the leaves. May have to take a day tomorrow and do so near the park in the trees. Being inside too much lately is not helpful for my moods and I need OUT.

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    Lately I've taken a liking to describing my therian experiences as my "wolf nature". Words are hard! :<

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    I went for a walk and there was such an animal element of excitement when the crows flew out like that. As well as an unrelated but still distinctly animal urge of seeing a patch of flowers and wanting to jump in them and play. I've been dealing with a dry spell. As much as is possible for someone who experiences integrated fluctuations. Either I don't feel anything as a whole (including but not limited to nonhumanity, humanity, emotions, forms of attraction, etc) or I don't notice anything because I am so used to it until that increase. This increase is very welcome and I am still holding onto the memory of the initial feeling that sparked this.
    "Walking sideways through them gutters
    And you realize that the floor sticks to your feet like history
    Well, don't you look at me like life don't hold you anymore mystery" - Modest Mouse

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    I find it amusing that the Gryphon I live with is a Contherian and at this point in my life I am comfortable taking on the label of Suntherian. Kinda wish I knew a Cladotherian in real space, just for the amusement.

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