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Thread: Therian Daily Thought - The 5th!

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    I get that feeling sometimes when I'm having a particularly clumsy day. Sometimes it's like I'm operating manually, and I can't do the most basic tasks without flopping around like a marionette. Some days I'm just... mis-calibrated, and it's like my proprioception is wildly off.

    And when I feel that awkward, and am being so incessantly clumsy, I sometimes fear I look either like a crazy person, drunk, or like some kind of weird alien, a phony.

    I only got out in the field once this week, but it was a nice time. I'm doing a lot of lab work lately, probably soon taking over managing the lab at least for a while. It's stressful. I'm clumsy, but outside, only I get hurt. So many bruises and scrapes this week. In the lab, there's so many thousands of dollars at my fingertips, and SO many opportunities to lose them by making *slightly* the wrong motion. I've always disliked lab work for this reason. I've already had to rework some of the procedures to make them more Kiso-proof.

    I belong outside, getting dirty, working physically.

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    I have started wondering about domestic cats as a theriotype (again). Still a coyote (I ignored this for months at a time once only to have the experiences & urges become more noticeable as long as I ignored) but hm, is there the possibility of something else too?

    Edit: If anything, it is cameos as a result of being around cats so much. I have several cats and cannot remember a single time in my life where I was without a cat for too long. Still thinking of taking a break from the community and thinking too much on this stuff for a couple weeks or however long it takes.
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    Daily therian thought: You know you're a therian when all your friends are writing about how humans are affected by COVID-19 and you're the only one writing sympathy stories for the starving rats who are in dire need of sustenance due to the restaurants being closed.
    We share our physical lives with those in spirit. For life, like love, never dies.
    Love knows no limits, not even death.

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