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    Default Your lifes own soundtrack

    If your life came with its own soundtrack what would it be and sound like.? Yes, You can have more then one and it doesn't matter if its a ''good'' or ''evil'' soundtrack. Here is mine.
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    Spongebob tomfoolery
    One against a hundred! (Yes, I know, it's a North Korea song. But when every day feels like you vs. a hundred....)
    Wheel in the Sky
    What I Am

    Quite a few more but I think five is enough...should I be ashamed that I've actually made a playlist based on this concept?

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    Gotta go with Everybody Know That You're Insane. It's just so... me! :V Though, I have been leaving Soundwave's Theme on repeat everywhere I go lately. I love this song... might have to usurp it from Soundwave, and make it my own theme.

    Aside from those, pretty much anything from Death Grips, Bandetto, Josh Homme, or Simon Viklund would work for me. Regardless of what I'm doing or what kind of mood I'm in, those guys pretty much always have something I'm into that fits the situation. Also, vaporwave is the soundtrack to me relaxing.

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