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Thread: The bucket list

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    Hey all, The name says it all. Things we plan on doing but haven't found the time or the money. So question is. What's on your bucket list?. Mine would be to mediate on top of a snow covered mountain in a Monastery with monks on my therianthropy. The other thing would be free cage shark diving. Going on a walkabout in Australia, Going to Antarctica, Going into the Pine Barrens, Meet another Therian in real life, Getting a girlfriend. haha. Stay in New York City for a few weeks on my own.
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    I originally created this list back in February 2011 and since then, managed to check quite a few off!

    • Go to College = achieved 2004
    • Get a full-time job in my field = achieved 2005
    • Get married = achieved 2006
    • Buy a house = achieved 2009
    • Learn leatherworking = I have created basic things like a belt, pouches and a dice bag
    • Get a tattoo = I'm up to 4 now!
    • Own an authentic Scottish kilt of the Watson family tartan = achieved 2016
    • Go to Ireland, Scotland and England = achieved Scotland/England 2016; Ireland/England 2018
    • Learn to SCUBA dive = achieved 2014; I now volunteer dive at the Adventure Aquarium!
    • Become fluent in a foreign language (Latin, Gaelic, Italian, German)
    • Learn an instrument (bagpipes, violin, piano, concertina)
    • Go to Australia and see a live platypus
    • Learn a martial art
    • See wolves in the wild = achieved 2008; going back to Yellowstone 2019
    • See Neuschwanstein castle
    • Publish a book = achieved 2016
    • Lose weight & feel better about my body

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    Welp, since dying's off the table now, I guess I have to think of some better goals. Reviving some old dreams is in order.

    • Eat a turnip
    • Go storm chasing
    • Learn watercolour
    • Write a book
    • Draw a comic
    • Visit Australia
    • Learn Spanish
    • Get a crane certificate
    • Raise a pet swan
    • Have over 60 wedding anniversaries

    That's it for now. Can't think of anything else. I didn't really have any concept of the future before, my only future plan used to be death.
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    Go to Yellowstone- check.
    Go to Antarctica- not check.

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    I tend to have this weird sneaking suspicion that I'm going to die young in an unfortunate (but, we can hope, funny) incident of some sort. So I tend to have less of a bucket list and more of a "fuck it" list: The things you feel like doing and are kind of waffling about? Fuck it, do them! Surprise yourself! Seize that day. I guess I think more in the short term. When I start thinking about things I could do, or when weird opportunities come my way, I try to just say "fuck it" and go for it rather than thinking about "someday." But I tend not to think down the road really far at things that aren't in the cards yet.

    But I know I want a dog someday. And there are several places I'd like to visit, though I have no one specific place in mind that I must go.

    But some things I've done this year, just because I thought maybe I should:
    * trained to run 5k even though I have always disliked running
    * Learned to do a handstand (still working on getting up into it from crow pose, though. Lots still to go)
    * Chopped my hair and regretted for two months before it grew out to the shagginess I'd been envisioning! This one was hard!
    * Pierced my eyebrow

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    Go to Yosemite (check) and go camping and hiking while there (not check).
    See all of the National Parks (partial check, okay I can check off 2).
    Go diving with whale sharks.
    Go diving in the Galapagos.
    Get married.
    Get a dog.
    Run a marathon overseas.
    Run 100+ half marathons (almost halfway there).
    Do a full pull up unassisted.
    Do a double under with a jump rope.

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    Here is another one. Get a real life therianthropy community going.
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    Time I have, money I don't. I haven't really made a bucket list but maybe I should start.

    -Have a few hours long trail ride through the forest. I did this once but I want to do it again. Like hiking through the woods but on horseback, cantering and all.
    -Form some close face to face relationships with those who understand kin/are kin
    -Go into NYC a bit more since I'm literally 30 minutes away. Walk or ride a bike across the Brooklyn bridge like my mother used to do every morning..(no car or money to do either right now)
    - Get a car (this might happen soon)
    -Get a horse or two to board and ride
    -Go to many of the nature-esque states and landmarks like Yellowstone
    -Spot a UFO lol
    -Learn many styles of self defense
    -Maybe write a book on certain events before Rebirth (my current arc of 'memories', and kin related things). I say before Rebirth, so that things aren't too personal.
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    Mine is
    Search for a dogman and other cryptozoologial creature.
    Also Spot a ufo and to try and meet an alien.

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    OH man, Sera's list reminded me of a couple of my goals:

    * do an actual 5k race. I regularly run 5k now, but I haven't done an event. I'm not terribly interested in running much longer distances than that, though. I do want to get my time below 25 minutes. My best, I believe, was 26 something.

    * Get to the point with my handstands where I can get up into them from crow pose and hold them for a full 60 seconds.

    * VISIBLE ABS. I've been so close. The horizontal definition is harder to achieve. I need to put on a little more muscle.

    There are some other "cool human tricks" I'd like to learn to do, like the human flagpole thing. Some of this stuff takes an absolutely wild amount of core strength, though. Doing wacky rogue-esque feats is a helpful fitness motivator, though.

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