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Thread: The bucket list

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    Yeah 3-5 miles is about my limit on running races (5k-8k). Anything beyond that it no longer seems fun for me ... so as a jogger one would assume I would want to do a half marathon or something but nope, no desire. Kiso I highly recommend an actual 5k event, they are a ton of fun and the energy helps feed you for both that run and future ones.

    I have never made a "bucket" list but there are things I would like to do that I haven't yet. (there are a lot of things I have done, luckily. This includes tour Europe, see the Great Wall in China, The Louve, de Orse' and the Hermitage museums, Hiked in Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Arches, Bryce, and Zion. Smaller excursions to Crater Lake, Rainier, Olympics. Been to Vancouver Island and SE Alaska including Glacier Bay).

    Things I still want to do:
    -Run an adventure race (hiking, paddling, biking, etc...)
    -Jasper and Banff national Parks
    -See a wolf in the wild (that was a good one elinox)
    -Travel to Iceland and perhaps Scotland and Ireland
    -Get my idea to get plastics out of the oceans to an actual thing that is functionally removing plastics ....
    -Travel to New England and explore

    That is about it as well. a community would be cool but not sure how viable that is for me at this time ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amarok View Post
    -See a wolf in the wild (that was a good one elinox)
    -Travel to Iceland and perhaps Scotland and Ireland
    I'm going back to Yellowstone in September 2019 so hopefully I'll get to see wolves in the wild again! It was one of the top most breathtaking experiences of my life.

    I want to go to Iceland too.

    And back to Scotland and Ireland, of course.

    "That's wolves for ya', good guys!" -Wolf, t10k
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    Get my autism diagnosis (check)
    Write a book on unicorns (check)
    Write a book about otherkin
    Publish said books
    Write more books & be published
    Get in a healthy relationship (check)
    Become a professional writer
    Adopt a cat (check)
    Adopt another cat
    And another
    And another
    Become a crazy cat emby
    Adopt some fish (check)
    Make a nice pretty watercoloured full of drawings calligraphied Reference Book of Shadows
    Keep a magick journal about my spiritual practices
    Learn to paint like Bob Ross (check, but with acrylics)
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    To on a cruise
    Visit Hawaii
    Dye my hair blue
    Have my portrait painted
    Take pottery classes
    Pet a stingray (check)
    See a solar eclipse
    Visit machu picchu and draw a pichu
    Visit Japan and see the cherry blossoms
    Visit a wolf sanctuary
    Finish watching lost
    Visit a rainforest

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