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Thread: Halloween 2018!

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    Ahh! I missed this year's Halloween thread. Doh. I'm drowning in the busy at the moment.

    But Halloween was awesome, as always! Its my favorite holiday AND it's now my anniversary, so I always do all that I can. My husband and I had an awesome Halloween party at our place last weekend, complete with costumes, homemade ginger ale, a crockpot full of fresh rabbit and venison, roasted mealworm caramel apples and some seriously good times drunkenly tossing a hammer around and hitting nails into a stump. He!

    Then for actual Halloween night I terrified trick-or-treaters, as is tradition. I think I out-did myself this year. I made a DIY alien boogyman scarecrow thingy with a homemade burlap mask, black robe, crazy reptilian articulating claw fingers and some scary sound effects. Programmed some clicky sound clips from Predator to play randomly at the touch of a button and rigged it up to a speaker that I wore around my neck. Then I stood behind a candy bowl in the darkened entrance to my house with a slow strobe light aimed at me. The effect was wicked! Here's a link to some pictures and video:

    I was especially proud of the fingers. I modeled them and 3D printed them out with my printer, the assembled all the pieces to make jointed fingers connected down the joints with elastic, with a wire running through the middle and attacked to a bracelet at my wrist such that when I bent my fingers, the fake fingers curled with them. Came out fantastically! The shape and proportions were loosely inspired by lizard toes. I looooove the feeling of wearing them.
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    Cool Costume Ghost. I didn't get dressed up for Halloween.

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    @ MountainGhost - Holy Chickens!!! That's an awesomely creepy costume!! D:

    Well done! : )

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    MountainGhost, that's freakin' awesome! I went more the cute route this year, haha. I haven't had the motivation to devote to doing a whole new spooky thing from scratch.

    I did do some fun cooking, though. I never really bake at home anymore because I have no willpower around baked goods. So I save it for when I'm going to be hanging out with a group. We went to a friend's house to watch Cabin in the Woods on Halloween night, and I went all-out with some cooking I'd been wanting to do.

    My partner and I carved a pumpkin (I actually did two this year, as I did one with my best friend while he was in town). This time, in addition to roasting the seeds, I saved some of the meat and made puree, which I included in a chicken-pumpkin chowder AND in a totally homemade pumpkin pie. The pie came out pretty tasty.

    I also made ginger cookies and spiced apple cider cookies, as well as pumpkin yeast rolls stuffed with cream cheese. Really fun stuff. The yeast rolls came out so pretty. Here's the spread. I left the majority at my friend's house so I wouldn't stuff my face, haha.

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