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Thread: What music are you listening to? (The 2nd!)

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    I forget if I used this already, even so. Classic.

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    Default changed video to music mix :3

    Longer Vex mix to chill out too

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    New Lord Huron!! So excited. One of my very favorite bands. I’d see them again live in a heartbeat if I ever got the chance. I feel so grateful I got to see them where and when I did.

    This one has such an old-timey feel, like it could have been in a Fox and the Hound era Disney movie or something.
    I also listened to it when I had a fever the other day and was feeling all emotions without any brakes, so I may have gotten a little teary in a completely reasonable and totally manly way.

    So much of their music has this wistful, wandering theme and airy, western-sounding guitar. I love it, it suits my tastes so well and brings back lots of memories.

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    ^ Interesting song, had a real Kenny Rogers feel to it and got me thinking about well, a Kenny Rogers song a friend had referenced recently and, well, had to listen to that too and now so do you. :P

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    Not usually a huge fan of boy bands but some catchy tunes at times. ^^;
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    Been enjoying all the new music I've discovered through since it's come back up.

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    All this poetry flying around, seemed appropriate ^-^

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    Pretty much my music tastes are wide, from classical to hip-hop to heavy metal. Lately I've been on a hard rock and heavy metal kick, so I've been playing music at a deafening level in my car to Korn, Metallica, Mudvayne, Sevendust, Pantera, etc.

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    " Gone so long I stepped out of the woods
    I was misunderstood but in light of it all
    I sit back and check their disguise
    Their dark shallow eyes got lost in the haze of the light

    So I sit back and watch
    I see all their masks soon appear
    I long for the woods
    From this place I'll disappear

    They all strive to deviate from the norm
    But collectively swarm to be all the same, well
    To alter image prosthetics are worn
    Their primped plastic forms melt in the heat of the light

    So I step to the light
    And see all their masks soon appear
    I long for the woods
    From this place I'll disappear"

    "It takes incredible strength and courage to be different from everybody else, but it's a good thing."

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