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Thread: What music are you listening to? (The 2nd!)

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    Yesterday, 4:45am, I was driving in the dark in a remote town to pick up my crew’s supplies for the day. I prefer to wake up an hour before work begins, so I’m generally the first up and it saves us time for me to get the stuff.

    Had such a moment of satisfaction listening to this as I drove. I have been feeling really grateful basically every day for a while now. I spent so much of my life feeling out of place and putting my nose to the grindstone just to try to get the opportunities that would lead me where I wanted to go. I definitely haven’t completely reached my goals in terms of what I want to make of myself, but I’ve been really happy with where I am and what I’m doing.

    “I’ve got a place in the world and I found out where:
    Out in the night, all alone, in the Way Out There.
    I ain’t lonely - I’m long lost”

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    I forget if I posted this one before since the feed permascrolls. Just another chill favorite of mine. :3

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