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Thread: A Little Help Please?

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    well... shit when i was on radiation i balanced it with marijuana helped keep up appetite so maybe you can talk to the doctor about getting her on medicinal marijuana? cbd oil or something like that.
    may not be much, but every little bit is important in this kind of battle.
    "Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god."
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    Sorry for disappearing, but life has been busy these last couple of months. The good news is that my mother is doing better now. She had a PET scan a while back that said the tumors have shrunk by 50%. There's been no significant regrowth since then, and for now they're doing immune therapy every three weeks.

    Her hair is growing back, too. That's another good thing. My sister gave her this adorable little hat with a fluffy pompom on it, which is nice and warm. The people at the clinic have been very good to us, and when she went for her treatment earlier this month, the ladies at the clinic gave my mother a Christmas stocking full of presents, such as candy, socks and a coloring book.

    Right now we're just taking it easy and enjoying the holidays together. So for the time being things are alright.

    maybe you can talk to the doctor about getting her on medicinal marijuana? cbd oil or something like that.
    I had this discussion with two of our friends, both of them use marijuana for medicinal purposes. I believe it could be useful, but my when I talked with my mother about the possibility of her using it, she was against the idea. I can see why, though. Her ex-husband was a drug addict and a wife beater, so she has some negative views on drugs such as marijuana.

    Maybe if things get worse she might change her mind. I know there are edibles that don't have the chemicals in them that make you high. I honestly thought she might be interested in those, because she loves her cookies and sweets.
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