During our June downtime, we took the opportunity to evaluate the role the Werelist plays in the community. We provided a "safe space" in the community, that didn't judge the content of people's internal processes or the validity of their identity. Even as forums have begun to no longer have the same central importance they used to in the community, and other forums rose to prominence, the Werelist has still been regarded as a worthwhile "safe space."

We want to reorient the Werelist to better fulfill the community's needs, as we believe that we are not fulfilling the role we took as well as we could. We wish to continue to promote critical thinking skills and provide a place for therians to gather, discuss, and branch out. There are several ways we would be going about this.

Firstly, we would be providing an information archive. vBulletin 5 has an integrated CMS that we will be using to gather articles and links curated and vetted by trusted Werelist staff and members. Anyone can submit material and link back to the communities or people it came from. These standards will be clearly, publicly listed. Our current draft of these rules is:

  1. Submissions should have clear and readable grammar, of the sort one would use for work or school, and be easy to understand. The Werelist staff will offer assistance if you need help editing your submission for the purposes of this rule.
  2. By submitting work to the Werelist, you give permission for the work to be translated. You will have full credits on the translated work, with translator credit appearing somewhere on the translated work.
  3. Content rating for submissions cannot rise above PG-13.
  4. Don’t submit anything illegal. Talking about drugs is okay, but personal experiences only--nothing on how to use them, how to obtain them, etc.
  5. Claims of real world fact must have real world evidence.
  6. You can talk about your own spiritual beliefs, but you can't say that they're the correct beliefs for other people, or that other people are in any way obligated to accept them.
  7. Leadership is a service to a group. People claiming alpha-status and power over other people will not be tolerated.
In addition, we would host a directory of links related to therianthropy. Chats, personal websites, forums, and collaborative projects would all be listed there. We also plan on providing a list of therian friendly therapists. Any member of the Werelist can submit a listing, or message us about inaccurate information.

While we will be emphasizing aspects of the site other than forums, the Werelist will still offer forums to its users, as well as blogs, profiles, et cetera. We are considering a Werelist chat that would be integrated into the site, not unlike a shoutbox. The member map may return as well.