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Thread: "Therian Talks" Podcast - Hosted by TG

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    Default "Therian Talks" Podcast - Hosted by TG


    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I have been working with Dusty and several other members of Therian-Guide to create a series of "podcasts" that will hopefully serve as an informational resource for the community.

    As we continue the series, I'd like to branch out to get feedback and content from other sources, such as WL, to help build the community feel for future episodes. That said, recordings have only been with TG members to-date, but we're still working on fine-tuning some things anyways.

    If it's fine, I'd also like to link future prompts for feedback or suggestions here, but for now, I'm just gonna dump the previous episodes.

    I'm not sure if the forums will allow for various videos to be posted, so I'll direct to the episodes on YouTube. Some are also on SoundCloud, and we're looking for other places to publish them.

    ------------- Episodes -------------

    Episode 1: "The Life of a Therian in the Real World" - a bit of my background, and probably not the pilot episode you'd expect. This touches some deeper subjects and sets the stage for future talks, and hopefully gives some food for thought.

    Episode 2: "Awakening" - a discussion on what the awakening process is like, from Dusty's perspective.

    Episode 3: "How the Therian Community has Changed" - we're joined by BearX who describes what the community was like as it began to emerge, how it has evolved over time, and where it is now.

    Episode 4: "Therianthropy and Religion" - Dusty speaks with Lycan regarding how religion and therianthropy clash - or don't - and how to find peace with the two.

    Episode 5: "Paganism and Therianthropy" - Elinox joins us to explains aspects of paganism, how they intersect with therianthropy, how they don't, and some things that are confused with therianthropy but can perhaps help some others understand our experience a little better.

    Episode 6: "Theriomythics" - Shuual explains what his experience is like as a Kitsune, and how such a creature fits in with definitions of "therian", "otherkin" and more. Is it about the creature, or more about the experiences?

    Episode 7: "What? The Howls!" - Stormdancer and BearX discuss the history of Howls with me and we dig into what makes a good Howl. When did they start? When did they start to die off a little, and why? Why are they important? And, of course, why aren't they called "Caterwauls?"


    We realize there are some audio quality issues and ask that you bear with us. I have absolutely no experience doing these and I struggle with intense anxiety in helping with these, and other staff members are also working to overcome similar things in helping with production, but the intention is important enough that we're all trying to produce helpful content.

    That said, constructive feedback is certainly appreciated. Feel free to reach out to myself, or the others involved with this project, if you have any insights or things to share.

    Thanks, and we hope you enjoy!

    - ZN

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    This is great, thank you for sharing! If you're looking to branch out, I'm more than happy to offer my knowledge/experiences! I'm not as active as I used to be or want to be, but I can always be reached via Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or email.

    Twitter/Telegram: @AnuolfRaccoon
    Discord: Sixnco#7919
    Email: sixnco -@- gmail

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