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Thread: Differences between therian communities across sites

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anuolf View Post
    I still can't get over the person who claimed to be Universekin... As in, the entire universe and everything contained in it.
    So they would claim that they're me? And the noxious fart that totally was not mine I promise?

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    When I browse Tumblr I get the impression that half of the "kinnies" are obvious trolls, and the other half, people with lack of critical thinking who see the trolls and think that "liking" something or "identifying WITH" something just a lil bit, means "being kin with" - er sorry, "kinning" the thing. And that therefore, you can "pick up" and "drop" kintypes at will.

    Consequently, it makes the "anti-kin" cringe even more, create more troll accounts, cringe at the others' troll accounts, encourage the "lack of critical thinking" people to "kin" even more things (and there is a whole difference between "kinning" and "litteraly me" and "ID" etc. apparently, and you can have all of them at the same time about different things, as well as a 100+ list of those).

    Rinse and repeat.

    Tumblr does not seem to provide enough space for discussion and thinking, leading to people picking up fancy words, making up a fudgeton of fancy words just for the sake of it (animafidem anyone?) and giving it too much power over themselves. I understand the need to feel special and the need to feel alive and part of a group of peers. But at the sacrifice of critical thinking, of self-reflexion, of discussion, of accepting to put onself in question.

    As for the fictionkin thing, I do agree it is very difficult to tell the difference between "relating to a fictive character because they are MEANT to be related to" and "identifying fully as said charcter". I think that telling the difference can only come with time, and that it is more cautious to start wording it "I relate to ..." and with time and introspection, see if it sticks and increase the intensity of the wording to "I am hearted- with.." or "I identify strongly with..." until, once you are 100% sure, "I am ...". I also think it is easier to be fictionkin with a fictive species rather than a specific character - after all, I'm a qilin, and mythology is fiction, just with a longer history.

    But also, fictionkin is part of how I "became" a unicorn: I was a tiny tiny child, saw "the last unicorn", related to Lady Amalthea's angst at being turned into a human, concluded it means I am a unicorn too, and the unicorn stuck. But it stuck only because everything else makes sense unicorn- or qilin- wise. Not because I love the character. Heck, I had forgotten about most of the movie while the unicorn still stuck, and it took me like 15 years to find the movie again and understand how the psychology behind the "I'm a unicorn" spark started. I guess the difference between Tumblr 100+ kinnies and me, is that I gave it time and let the rest of me (behavior, phantom limbs...) give it more strength. I still relate to / identify with Lady Amalthea a lot, but I analyse it critically a bit more now.

    Think. Reflect. Live. Give it time. All the stuff that Tumblr does not allow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by R Swan View Post
    Places without surface tension are the worst places to end up both for new and for old... The ‘kinnie boom’ (thank you so much for that term lmao) isn't a disaster in itself, but just emblematic of the zeitgeist: mixum-gatherum hipster collage identities without a trace of thought or originality but just combined in a way to maximize uniqueness. It's an easy no-effort shortcut for any outsider/nerd to be singular and potentially popular and to connect with a bunch of others. I'm sure what I'm saying has been said before. My point is that in a lot of the modern ‘kin’ it's not a legitimate identity but just another pseudo-artistic collage. It has absolutely jack shit to do with identity and self-discovery and everything to do with cliques and belonging, and the lack of effort (critical thinking included) shows.
    Perfectly stated.

    The fixation with gatekeeping, labels, the constant switching of 'types, the pack-seeking, and to some extent the fixation on "gear" or other aesthetic things speaks LOUDLY of the fact that for many of the younger crowd, this is about finding a group to belong to.

    Very typically teenage behavior - I mean, high school cliques and subcultures have been very apparent for ages. The Wolfie Blackheart drama and subsequence conflation with "teen wolf" culture sure didn't fuckin' help, though, and the absolutely garbage media coverage of therianthropy definitely contributed to the boom of young folks deciding this was their "thing" now.

    To be fair, I've seen plenty of adults whose behavior comes across very much like ill-adjusted, self-hatred parading as "animal", who shoehorn every personal malfunction into the boot of "because I'm an animal!"

    But yeah, just as any social group, whether it's friends, a workplace, or an organization, will develop its own internal little culture, so too do forums.

    Some people find Werelist a little dry, a little serious, or are intimidated by the intensity of some of the discussions and debates here. I appreciate that, because I can find the cutesy-wootsy culture of some other places obnoxious, and I won't even bother with places with the younger Kinnie Boom crowd because I like for the capillaries of my eyeballs not to blow out in irritation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InTheWoodsSomewhere View Post
    I've noticed (and it seems a lot of other therians have too) that therian communities can differ quite a lot. For example, I used to interact with therians and otherkin on tumblr. A lot of them are younger, have more unusual views and there's a lot of divinekin and fictionkin. In places like this, we seem to be older and have more 'normal' identities. Why do you think this is? Or if you completely disagree with me on this let me know haha

    I think a possible reason might be the type of social media platform used and the overall atmosphere of how it presents itself and what is typically encouraged and accepted. Werelist and similar forums/groups tend to encourage a lot of self reflection on "Why" someone identifies as "X" compared to places where people claim to be "A,B,C, etc." without much critical thinking encouraged in explaining why they feel the way they do. If there's not a lot of critical thinking involved it's easy how some people jump too quickly to conclusions and tack on the newest "fantastical" thing they remotely feel drawn too.

    Another factor I feel is a generational difference and where you started in the discovery process. Older members of the community typically had to figure themselves out before the internet was available to the general public, and spent a lot of time reflecting on their behaviors and noticing patterns, etc. When the internet became a thing and forums and groups popped up, it was more common to see atmospheres that reflected this kind of maturity and members encouraging others into deep thinking and reflection on identities.

    As the internet and social media platforms changed over time, the age of "instant communication" and gratification started taking hold where it was more common to see people claiming all sorts of things without spending much thought on the reasoning why.

    Age also plays a role as well as the younger crowd are still figuring themselves out and it's easy to want to jump to conclusions too quickly because it's natural for most young people to want something to belong to.
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    Personally, I have been on TherianGuide and now here on Werelist. I mostly avoid Tumblr now, and don't really use any other sites or social platforms for talking about therian stuff. I found the Tumblr community very confusing and was pretty uncomfortable there, so I went back to forums, a method of online communication I have used since middle school in the early 2000s.

    I think it has to do with me being so used to forums as a teen that I just never stopped using them and really prefer them as a way to communicate, and while I have accounts on some social media platforms elsewhere, I only usually use them to read through when bored or to kill time and would much rather talk about therian and Otherkin stuff on forums where it feels more relaxed to me.
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