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Thread: Expected Downtime

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    Default Expected Downtime

    Alynna is doing some necessary maintenance work on the server. There will be some downtime involved in this and it is to be expected.

    We're sorry for the trouble and hope to get it back up and running as soon as possible.
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    I am sorry that maintenance took near 3 days. Everything that could go wrong, did.

    The maintenance was for drives that were dying. 3 drives were, but only 1 told me they were. Because they were 3 of 8 drives and the pool can only handle the death of 2 drives, I had to do something immediately.
    Because replacing 3 1tb drives would cost $150 and I already had a bunch of 1.5/2/3TB drives, I decided to migrate the array to these drives (and increase the number of drives to 10).

    I copied the data off while we were still live and let Jakkal know this maintenance was coming.

    Once it was off I tried to make the new array. 10 3TB drives didn't work (the controller didn't like them). Then I ended up making it with 1.5's and 2's (thats what we have now, for a total of 12.5TB of space.

    When I went to copy it back, I found out that 1 drive in my array was bad (I found out later I broke the SATA connector on the controller card, the drive was fine). Copying it back with the bad drive/connection was going glacial, it was never going to be done, so I connected all 8 drives from the old array to USB 3.0, and copied it like that...

    Needless to say that also wasn't very fast, but at least it was going to get done more quickly than from the backup...

    When I went to restart it, I found out that the data was copied to the wrong directory. I am still fixing that but I have prioritized the things people use (like werelist) to get back online, and here we are.

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