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Thread: What is something you've learned from the pandemic so far?

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    If there's anything I've learned from the pandemic, it's thatsome people truely do lack empathy. It blows my mind that going to the salon or partying with their friends is more important than the lives of said people in their eyes.

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    Well, I really learned nothing new.

    This whole pandemic situation, maybe was not predictable, but very expected. A lot of biologists I know was saying something like: "Global pandemic is not the question of "if" but a question of "when"".

    The very stupid reaction of our government that probably caused more harm than the pandemic itself - was absolutely expected also. As well as people reaction on it.

    However, this whole situation is a good reminder, how fast everything could change on the global scale. Now it's virus, but it probably will be the same with ecological problems as well. And the window of opportunities may be not that big.

    So the lesson is, I probably must be quicker with my plans and personal goals...
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    I’ve learned that, when I choose loner being by myself, I am fine, but that when I have to be at home with little opportunity to go out, I really, really start flipping back and forth between relaxed/doing what I want to stir crazy/getting irritable/LET ME OUT. I’ve learned that bandwagoning groupthink mentality and stupidity are not exaggerated to ridiculousness. People really do go crazy buying up everything in stock due to hoarding behavior because they fear they won’t get the chance and because so many people do this, it comes true and things go out of stock, like toilet paper. I mean, I get disinfectant, sanatizer, wipes, but toilet paper.? Why toilet paper of all things? I’ve learned that, aside from mood swings from being stuck at home for so long, I stay calm for the most part about the virus and economy instead of panicking like seemingly everyone else.

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