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Thread: Outdoor adventures photo-share thread!

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    I don't go anywhere, but the view from my deck this evening was really nice.

    Bonus: short video in 60fps

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheetah
    So how old is the reforested... forest?
    I don't remember for sure. Not very old. 50 to 60 years maybe.

    There are two methods to roughly estimate the age of the pine tree. One of them is by counting it's "whorls" along the trunk - they form only one per year. Roughly - because for older trees lower branches usually fall off and leave only marks on the bark (that may be hard to spot), and upper ones could be difficult to see in the crown.

    The second one is by taking the diameter of the trunk in centimetres (at the height of 1.4 m), and dividing it by some number. For my area it is 0.7. Looking at this pic the diameter is roughly 40 centimetres, so the age is roughly 60 years.

    Quote Originally Posted by KitKatPurrpurr
    the view from my deck this evening was really nice.
    Is it a pond or a river?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forest Wind View Post
    Very nice photo, indeed! Good chunk of Russian therian community appreciated it as well. ^^
    Oh!! That makes me really happy. I’ll attach a couple other pics. I was really excited by the one with the magpie and the moon over the coyote.

    It was also exciting to start getting photos with several of them in the same shot. There’s at least four in this family, and I sometimes see all of them, but getting even two in frame is usually hard.

    Also last week? With that much snow?! Yikes, It's practically summer here, but it's said we only have two seasons. Summer and August.
    Yeeep. We did get an unusually bad storm. It tends to melt fairly quickly here. But we got more over the weekend. It’ll be almost another month before we can be sure snow isn’t going to dump on us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forest Wind View Post
    Is it a pond or a river?
    It’s a pond!!

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    So Jealous lol. Love Weeping Willows and water.

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