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Thread: Asking Werelisters: Which tattoo should i get? With a bonus...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Jones View Post
    I would have five kitties to commemorate if I go by individual cats.
    Right now, I have 4 paw prints: 1 for my first and now gone furbaby, and 3 more for the three I currently have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Jones
    Was it more painful when the needle got too close to the inside arm opposite your elbow? My last roommate told me about the pain of getting tattoos in "the ditch" there.
    I found it more painful down by my wrist over my veins, actually. The meatier parts of my body that are tattooed were easier to deal with pain-wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote Jones View Post
    That would be so cool! If you have the time, that is. I use Visa, PayPal, online banking, and Amazon gifts.

    Right now I have a forearm of available area and a left upper arm with a scar from mole removal. Getting the scar tattooed over with a pawprint and two feathers would be excellent! Let's talk over DM.

    I'm thinking the pawprint should be red and black. I'm not an anarchist; it's just my preference. Small cat pawprints beneath my wrist inked in black sound good, too. I'll just use an online reference for those.
    Yee, message me whenever with a detailed description and maybe a rough deadline? Work is about to get busy but I can squeeze time in here and there.

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