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Thread: What are your favorite podcasts?

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    Default What are your favorite podcasts?

    I don't listen to a whole lot of different things these days, but there are a few that have lasted me through the years. Since I travel a lot for work and sometimes spend time doing very menial tasks for it as well, I like to have good material. I'm more prone to listen to music, but podcasts of different sorts can be good to mix things up.

    So what are your favorites?

    For me:

    * My Brother, My Brother, and Me: The McElroy brothers doing a joke advice show. Love these guys and their particular zany brand of humor. I've actually gone to one of their live shows. They're wholesome, generally, with a lot of sort of running gags.

    * My Dad Wrote a Porno: What it sounds like. Man in the UK and his friends read out loud and discuss the porn book(s) written by his father. Absolutely goofy in a sort of Chuck Tingle way.

    * Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast: Just Bill Burr rambling. He's a well known comedian and is particularly talented at off-the-cuff humor of this sort. A lot of times he talks about sports or things I don't really care too much about, so I often turn this on for some silly background noise when my mind is wandering. He's snide, sarcastic, and not afraid to be pretty rude. Not for everyone.

    * Last Podcast on the Left: One of my favorites. History, the supernatural and occult, aliens, cryptids, various Weird Shit. Simultaneously funny and informative.


    * Making Sense: Sam Harris's podcast. Absolutely one of my favorites. He has on a of interesting guests. The quality of discussion is always good. Lots of talk about politics, society, neurology, technology, morality.

    * Joe Rogan Experience: A bit of a mixed bag. Joe's an interesting character, and there's a bit of controversy about his choice of guests sometimes. But he generally tries to be a good person and often has interesting discussion. Broad variety of guests, as well. Very popular podcast.

    Nerd Stuff:
    * The Adventure Zone: The McElroy brothers, as mentioned above, and their dad play D&D. I've listened to the first two arcs and haven't really been listening to the recent stuff. The first story is over 60 episodes long and it really gets good once you get past the first couple episodes when they're figuring stuff out. They play a little loosey-goosey with the actual rules to make a more interesting narrative. Also pretty funny. Definitely inspiring about what is possible in collaborative storytelling with roleplaying games.

    * Critical Role: Another D&D cast with a bigger cast of voice actors playing. REALLY popular cast. The episodes are super long and I haven't gotten into this one nearly as much, but it has a huge following.

    * 99% Invisible: A more short-form cast with interesting info about sort of hidden things in our society, things we don't think about much.

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    Seconded on both My Brother, My Brother and Me and Joe Rogan. I find Joe Rogan oddly endearing when he gets onto his favourite subjects, he's also an ape lover and I can't fault that.

    Another favourite of mine is The Official Podcast, that one has me in stitches sometimes. Kaya can have some weird opinions but the other 3 hosts rein him in when need be. I find Charlie very handsome huehue but that's not why I listen to the podcast, I swear.

    Cold Ones is pretty funny if you don't mind chaos and a bit of edge humour.
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    I probably can't answer about my favourite podcasts because I usually prefer full videos with graphical information, because of better information density.

    The only English-speaking podcast I tried was Fraser Cain's Universe Today - about astronomy and astrophysics. However I find videos on the same subject are way better. Like PBS Space time...

    If this was a thread about YouTube channels, I'll probably just explode with recommendation...
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    I have a couple I can toss in the ring!

    Both of these are very discussion/education oriented:

    • The RI Science Podcast hosted by the Royal Institution in London

    • The AI Podcast hosted by NVIDIA

    I don't often listen to podcasts because I prefer the visual element (the RI's youtube channel is great for that) but both of these have been super wonderful. If you can get past the obvious plug by NVIDIA for their own tech, the AI Podcast has been a really comfortable listen and I feel that it's presented in such a way that the average consumer doesn't need any preexisting knowledge in the area to have a good time.

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    I listen to or have finished 50+ podcasts, so I'll stick to the ones that are just absolute favorites:

    -The Penumbra Podcast
    -Greater Boston
    -Wolf 359
    -The Magnus Archives
    -The Strange Case of Starship Iris
    -Kane & Feels

    The above list is all fiction audio dramas which i strongly prefer. Within the more news/informational I tend to like Behind the Bastards, Even More News and Worst Year Ever.

    TAZ is amazing and I love McElroy content in general, though I've only listened to scattered eipsodes of MBMBAM.

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    I like Last Podcast on the Left, too. Aside from that one...

    The Black Tapes - Mock journalism that starts out being about a researcher trying to debunk the paranormal only to get himself and the journalist sucked into the paranormal. Official site description: "The Black Tapes is a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both."
    Limetown - Another mock-journalism docudrama about 300+ people mysteriously disappearing from a research facility.
    Welcome to Night Vale - News type podcast about strange events in a fictional town located in a desert somewhere.
    Lore - Nonfiction horror stories regarding historical events in the sense that they are experiences people have claimed to have.
    The Whole Rabbit - Sorta like LPotL but mostly on occultism & using magic.

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